I am a Reiki Master and Aromatherapist. I help you listen to your body. I help you reconnect to Inner Wisdom and True Self. I help you discover the beauty that is YOU.

In person sessions are 75 minutes at the South Pearl Street office in Denver. Phone sessions are 60 minutes and require a comfortable place for you sit or lay down, and to speak freely. After your session plan for down time in order to rest and allow your session to integrate.

“Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?”

- Elizabeth Gilbert. Big Magic.

Rewired Life is a shift into our best selves; learning to love yourself, heal your body and mind, and celebrate life. Rewired Life is a Book, a Blog, a Podcast, and most importantly, set of tools and coaching processes designed to help you STOP adding things to your life, and START clearing layers getting in the way of you living aligned as your best self.


Do you wish something about your life was different?
DEEP DOWN you know something has to change…like NOW!

Make this the moment when you choose to surrender to Inner Wisdom.
Make this the moment when you choose to become your Best Self.

If you are ready to be rejuvenated, to discover connection and resolution, and to feel peace and ease… let’s talk.

I see the wall that sits between you and being your Best Self, and I help you see the door to get through it.

. . .  F R O M  T H E  B L O G

When nothing goes RIGHT…

When nothing goes right…now what? How do you get out of frantically searching for what next? When it feels like everything fell apart, what do you do?

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3 Steps to Rewire YOUR Life

3 Steps to Rewire YOUR Life :: This process to Rewire Your Life, to break the unhelpful short circuits we’ve created with our emotions is the process I used to heal from 17 years of chronic pain and disease, it is what I continue to use to live aligned with inner wisdom and higher self, and is what I teach in my coaching practice.

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Do you have an empathetic nervous system?

What is an Empathetic Nervous System? And if that’s you… How does that feel? And what do I do? One of the biggest lessons to come out of my healing journey was understanding that I have an empathetic nervous system. But really what does that mean?

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Masculine vs Feminine Energy

Being balanced in your masculine feminine energy is ground zero for your overall health. Let’s define what masculine and feminine energies are, and then learn how to balance these energies.

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Rewiring YOUR Life. Client Story. Just be Quiet.

…Our work together was able to peel back layers and discover how years ago, she decided it was safer to be quiet and it was safer to keep her opinions to herself. But while it seemed safer because that’s what she had been taught, it wasn’t her true self. She wasn’t able to live as her true self in that she wasn’t sharing ideas, creating, and collaborating.

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Kickstarting Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils

Our emotions are complicated!

What is even more complicated is the patterns we’ve picked up along the way to DEAL with our emotions. Some are healthy patterns, but more often than not (coming from a spiritual growth coach) unhealthy patterns have developed over our lifetime.

I had a wonderful conversation on Rewired Life™ Radio with Carrie Socia, an Essential Oils Educator and Wellness Advocate about how oils can help us trigger our senses; getting in touch with our emotions and allowing us to release what is no longer needed.

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Healing the Emotional Body

Like our physical body, our emotional body can be injured and scarred. Do you have the tools to heal your emotional body? Author, speaker, spiritual growth coach, and the host of Rewired Life Radio, Audrey Michel, explores how you can heal your emotional body.

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Death by 1000 Cuts

Sometimes it isn’t the BIG things that are in our way.
Read more on the Rewired Life Blog by author, speaker, coach, and radio host Audrey Michel

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