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Each week on Rewired Life Radio, Audrey Michel interviews inspirational women who’ve dedicated their life to educate and transform those around them in an effort to love themselves, heal their body and mind, and celebrate life.

Rewired Life Radio was created to empower women to heal. To help women listen to their body and inner wisdom. This hit show inspires women to live as their best self by providing discussions on how it is possible to heal the mind, body, and spirit. AND there will always be time during the show to hear from you and take your calls.

Let’s discover your intuition, your inner wisdom, and what your body has to say. Let’s get curious about what is in the way of you discovering your Best Self, and find the tools YOU need to LIVE as your Best Self.

Your body is powerful, learn how to put it to work for you.


“Listening to my body has been my life-line to heal from almost two decades of chronic pain and disease. So…ya, I’m pretty passionate about honoring my sensitive body. Every sensation, feeling, and passing thought is a communication from my emotional body; everything means something. I want to know what and how to move past it. Don’t you?

Every moment of every day I choose to listen to my body and honor what it has to say – because my health and wellbeing depends on it! And so does yours.” 
Audrey Michel. writer. speaker. spiritual growth coach.

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Kickstarting Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils

Our emotions are complicated!

What is even more complicated is the patterns we’ve picked up along the way to DEAL with our emotions. Some are healthy patterns, but more often than not (coming from a spiritual growth coach) unhealthy patterns have developed over our lifetime.

I had a wonderful conversation on Rewired Life™ Radio with Carrie Socia, an Essential Oils Educator and Wellness Advocate about how oils can help us trigger our senses; getting in touch with our emotions and allowing us to release what is no longer needed.

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A Movement Towards a High Vibe Life

Are you ever curious about how the landscape of the self help world has shifted over the last decade? I am. I find it fascinating!

At the beginning of May I had a great conversation on Rewired Life Radio with Dr. Pat Buccili, host of the Dr. Pat Show and founder of the Transformation Talk Radio Network, about how the landscape of the self-help world has changed over the last decade.

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Healing the Emotional Body

Like our physical body, our emotional body can be injured and scarred. Do you have the tools to heal your emotional body? Author, speaker, spiritual growth coach, and the host of Rewired Life Radio, Audrey Michel, explores how you can heal your emotional body.

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Introducing Rewired Life Radio

Over the last 10 years my healing journey has evolved. It began as healing my own pain, disease, and disconnection from myself, which turned into sharing my story in my book, “Rewired Life; a journey to untangle chronic pain and endometriosis” to then teaching the healing process I used to Love. Heal. and Celebrate.

Now, I am so excited to be continuing the healing conversation by sharing the stories of other women on my radio show, Rewired Life Radio!

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