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mindfulness is the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment,which can be trained by meditational practices

The goal of mindfulness, and my goal within empowering women to heal, is all about becoming closer to alignment with your best self. There are a multitude of tools available. Below are a few of my favorites. The key is to be CURIOUS about how your body feels, and explore what works for you. These FREE tools are a great way to get started on your path to Listening to Your Body!  

Tune in.

Be curious.

Get aligned.

How do you start your day with intention?

I ask my guests this question every week on my show, Rewired Life Radio. How do you start your day with intention? Starting each day with intention allows you to create space for you to be your best self. To be focused. Having an intention for the day helps you make aligned decisions and stay on track. And sometimes even more important…it helps you recognized what’s NOT aligned.  
What Would You Have Me Do?
    I am a big fan of Gabby Bernstein and Marianne Williamson, and they are big fans of A Course In Miracles. One of the things The Course shares as a way to connect to source is to ask, “What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom?” I begin my day free writing in my journal, “What would you have me do?” I try to free write for 15-20 minutes, simply writing what is coming to mind. Some days I have profound insight about what I will be up to, and other days I ramble about one thing or another. But no matter what comes up, the exercise allows me to release chaos and get clear.  
I remember...
    This is another free write exercise. Simply begin your journalling session by writing, I remember… Simply free write what comes to mind, and if you feel yourself finishing the thought, write, “I remember…” again, and again, until your 15-20 minutes of continuous free writing is complete.  
It took my by surprise...
When being curious with our emotions, I find writing into the statement, It took me by surprise…” You’ll be amazed by what comes up! Again, this is a free write; plan for 15-20 minutes to see what comes up for you.
Connect with Nature
  Begin your morning with a walk. Have coffee outside. Eat breakfast picnic style…in the grass! Wake up to see the sunrise. Whatever it is, let Mother Nature help you connect with yourself and start your day aligned. A spiritual teacher of mine once told me, “If you sit on a rock long enough, it will take all your worries away.”
...close your eyes
Close your eyes. BREATHE three deep inhale/exhales. Let your mind wander. Now in your journal, write about the images you’ve seen, elaborating and expanding for 15-20 minutes. This is a great exercise to simply connect with your subconscious mind, as this part of our brain “sees” in images, smells, senses, etc.
Audrey Michel. Rewired Life. Connect with Nature

Instantly reconnect with yourself, and listen to your body.

This quick meditation will help you move your thoughts from your head to your heart, and within that space you will be able to connect with what your body has to say. This is a powerful exercise can be used when you have a decision to make, when you’re feeling off, or when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to reconnect.
“Audrey taught me how to move my thoughts from my head to my heart, which was something I really needed.” – Sonja Wieck, Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching.
Sonja Wieck

Coach, Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching