When nothing goes RIGHT…

Now what?

It is no secret that I love traveling. I always have. As a child we were road trippers

, and I have wonderful memories staring out the window at expansive spaces and beautiful landscapes. In college, I studied in London as an architecture and design student. The setup of the program was really great, we traveled Western Europe and Northern Africa studying historical pieces of architecture, and how different cultures and societies used the spaces over many years.

I was exposed to so much of the beauty the world has to offer and many different ways of life, and I was hooked. At the time, I didn’t know if I’d ever have the opportunity to travel abroad again; so I packed in as much stuff as possible. As many countries, cities, art museums, churches, castles…you name it, I checked it off the list.

As I got older and realized first; I WOULD return overseas, and second; running around like mad was exhausting! Now, I feel less inclined to go to every place and every site and do everything in the travel books, and more inclined to just BE in a place. And, honestly, now looking back, all that running around…wasn’t very fulfilling.

All the sudden I was more interested in witnessing how the new place got me out of my comfort zone; how it challenged me.

All the sudden I was wondering; am I comfortable? Am I uncomfortable? What triggers me? Why? Being curious about myself became as important as adventuring around beautiful landscapes.

This summer, travel was exactly what I needed. As I wrote in the previous post, the Rewired Life Radio Show had ended, and I was stumbling around trying to figure out how all the parts and pieces of my business fit together. I needed a change of scenery. I needed to get out of my comfort zone. I needed to get out of my head.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to have several different trips planned with different groups of people in our life. All of them profound in different ways. We looked forward to each of them for different reasons, but, mostly because we needed a BREAK!

You know how when you’re in that desperate place

, needing SOMETHING, ANYTHING to go right, and it NEVER does? Ugh. I was totally there with my business and it (shockingly) spilled over into our personal life. Let me explain.

Our trip to Iceland had a rough start. We were with 3 other couples, all with slightly different flight plans, but all with similar flight times, so we could see each other at the airport. Great plan, right?!? Well, Aaron and I had some travel complications, to say the least. Did you know it’s required to have a valid passport 6 months past your international travel date? Like common knowledge, right?!? Well, we still blew it…we still don’t know how many times we looked at Aaron’s passport prior to leaving and didn’t notice it expired. He did make it to Iceland, just not right away (Long story). After getting Aaron’s situation figured out…sort of… my flight was delayed, and I was going to miss my connection. I was rebooked on about 8 different flights throughout the day, with tickets through almost all of Europe’s major airports, running miles through Denver International Airport, hoping to be on this flight or that one. At the end of the day I was on a non-stop flight to Iceland. Thank goodness!

Somehow amidst all the seeming chaos, it all ended up being quite easy…until I landed in Reykjavik at 5am, 4 hours ahead of our friends with no way to contact them as they were still in the air.

What do you do in Iceland at 5am? All though in July, it is light out, nothing is open. If I went into town, there’s no coffee shop open, our rooms wouldn’t be ready until late morning. I thought, “Sweet! I’ll go to the Blue Lagoon!” Well, it doesn’t open for a few more hours; and well…reservations. FAIL! I fumbled around in the airport and found a coffee shop, still tightly clinging to the idea of getting OUT of the airport, when I looked up to see a beautifully framed piece of art that said, “When nothing goes right; go left.”

Stopped in my tracks, I stared and just exhaled. Then, I sat next to it and meditated. And surrendered. And posted it on Instagram.

I realized with each of the trips grew an energy inside of me to look in the direction of Reiki. I got on my computer, and started researching. All I knew was that I had been Reiki attuned years ago, but just in conjunction with other healing modalities. It wasn’t explained to me at the time. Now, the more I learned, the more I undestood I had been using Reiki energy in my Kinesiology practice for years. And that was it. I was running down the rabbit hole of how to get Master Reiki Certified, and how to incorporate it into my existing practice.

I turned left.

And it was perfect.

This was 4 months ago, my turning left into Reiki. Since then, I’ve fully incorporated it into my healing practice. It’s been wonderful how all the “scattered” bits and pieces feel coherent again. Combining kinesiology, aromatherapy, and reiki helps my clients physically, emotionally, and spiritually work through stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Audrey Michel. writer. speaker. spiritual growth coach.

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