3 Steps to Rewire YOUR Life

When you are ready to ask, “What else is possible in my life”, the sky is the limit!

Because of my radio show, Rewired Life™ Radio and spiritual practice, I get to spend my day speaking with women around the world about what they are most afraid of, how their pain is taking over, where they feel stuck, and how they wish things were different. All the fears we hide from, cover up, and tuck away, until we’re forced to bring it to the forefront.

These are the three steps to Rewire YOUR Life I teach in my online master class, Soul Awakening; How to Rewire YOUR Life.

Love yourself. Heal your body and mind. Celebrate life.

Before we begin, we have to understand Neuroplastic Pathways (the wires in our brain and nervous system) and how we short circuit our emotions. In other words, when something feels scary or emotionally unsafe, our brains figure out how to eliminate the issue or go around it; short circuiting the pain or perceived future pain.

It sounds complicated; it is and it isn’t. At it’s simplest Neuroplasticity provides us with a brain that can not only adapt to changes

, but can be changed by any experience we encounter. This tells me we all have the capability to change the way our brain processes information physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You know the saying practice makes perfect? Well, if we think about it in terms of Neuroplastic Pathways, repeated activity makes a circuit, pattern or habit. And since we have choice in our activities and thoughts, don’t you want to create patterns that work for you?

The way I like to explain how Neuroplastic Pathways are created is in the beginning of any learning we have infant legs. Like when a toddler is learning to walk, it’s really stumbly, and difficult. They fall down, and there are bumps and bruises and it’s really confusing. But over time little kids learn to walk and it becomes less of an ordeal. And they eventually just hop up and walk. We don’t even think about it. It’s automatic. You can apply this example to learning anything new, including new emotional patterns.

We create these pathways, good and bad

, consciously and unconsciously. When it comes to Rewiring Your Life, the question is; how do you disrupt these Neuroplastic Pathways and break the short circuits of negative emotions we’ve created consciously and unconsciously?

This process to Rewire Your Life, to break the unhelpful short circuits we’ve created with our emotions is the process I used to heal from 17 years of chronic pain and disease, it is what I continue to use to live aligned with inner wisdom and higher self, and is what I teach in my coaching practice.

Audrey Michel. Master Class Soul Awakening. 3 Steps to Rewire YOUR Life

There are 3 steps to Rewire Your Life; love yourself, heal your body and mind, and celebrate life.

The first step to breaking these short circuits and rewiring your Neuroplastic Pathways is meeting issues with unconditional love for yourself. Our collective pattern is to react to issues or hard situations with negative emotions such as anger, frustration, or judgement, etc. I am asking you to consider shifting in to a space of awareness for how you are feeling, and then into non-judgement and unconditional love. Most women I talk to feel angry and then judge themselves for being angry. The cycle never ends!

By simply noticing how you are feeling, you then have the power to choose what’s next. Unconditional love and forgiveness for yourself softens the walls we put up and allows you to see the situation clearer and from a newer, more positive angle. When you are free of stress and chaos your body and emotions have space to heal.

After finding unconditional love and forgiveness for yourself, you are able to shift into healing. Healing your body and mind is a process to unlearn unhelpful patterns and redefine success for your life. Ask yourself, “What do I need to clean up for myself?” This tends to be a difficult question because we don’t know what we don’t know. What if you cannot see the unhelpful patterns running your life?

The way to catch underlying negative patterns is to became a student of your own body and mind. Study yourself in a different way by being curious, and simply listening. Our emotions change constantly! Learning our own nuances is key because knowledge is power. Understanding your emotions and reactions gives you the power to learn the necessary lesson, and let go in a healthy, healing way.

In order to Rewire Your Life you cannot simply grow the best parts of yourself. You must look at the hidden, tucked away items, and break the short circuit by unlearning old habits and creating new positive habits. Learn to nourish your mind, body, and spirit in a way that makes sense for YOU. Study how your body, mind, and spirit react to each new choice. With each step you will become more and more aligned with your true self. Aligning your body, mind, and spirit IS healing.

The way to make sure new patterns remain is to celebrate small wins in everyday life. Just like we would celebrate small wins for a toddler learning to walk; cheering and clapping at their every move, positive feedback for learning new emotional patterns is a must. Do this with gratitude and joy.

The biggest mistake I made early in my healing journey was telling myself that when it was all over m husband and I would go to a fabulous beach to celebrate. Once I began celebrating by creating joy and gratitude for everyday moments, my healing journey shifted. I was no longer waiting for “someday” to be great. I was intentionally telling my brain today was great. I am doing great. We are learning wonder things, and they are positively impacting my life.

Love. Heal. Celebrate.

Rewiring YOUR Life is all about loving yourself, healing your body and mind, and celebrating life. By learning to break the short circuits we have created with our emotions.

My online master class Soul Awakening; How to Rewire YOUR Life is beginning NOW!

I invite you to learn more about how YOU have the power to change your life.

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