Kickstart Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils

Our emotions are complicated!

What is even more complicated is the patterns we’ve picked up along the way to DEAL with our emotions. Some are healthy patterns, but more often than not (coming from a spiritual growth coach) unhealthy patterns have developed over our lifetime.

Back on May 10th, I had a wonderful conversation on Rewired Life™ Radio with Carrie Socia, an Essential Oils Educator and Wellness Advocate about how oils can help us trigger our senses; getting in touch with our emotions and allowing us to release what is no longer needed.

I asked Carrie, “…talk to us about the science behind the oils you use”

CARRIE:  If we don’t feel out emotions or we push them down, they actually get trapped inside our bodies.  They get stored in our cells and they get stored in our amygdala system.  So, in order to access and release our emotional discomforts, we have to stimulate the amygdala.  One way to do this is through the sense of smell.  Smell is the only sense that is directly linked to the lobe of the brain that stores our emotions and directly affects the limbic system.  The limbic system stores our positive emotions but they also store our negative emotions such as fear, anger, depression, anxiety, and things like that.

In terms of being drawn to the essential oils and why I love using them is because they address emotions at a cellular level. When we smell the oils, it signifies to our amygdala, talking to our limbic system, and it actually communicates to our brain. Oils will help surface the emotion and help release them.

AUDREY: Like a kickstarter!

I have to say, I have avoided using (and learning more about) essential oils for a while now. The way they had been previously presented to me was all about assisting with physical ailments. And for me

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, as you probably know, I want to know what’s going on BENEATH the physical layer, to know how the body is trying to communicate its emotional needs. It wasn’t until Carrie and I spoke that a new level of possibility around using oils emerged. I have now brought essential oils into my coaching process as another way to assist my clients in healing stuck emotions.

Carrie and I discussed a few of her favorite oils during the show. And Carrie explained how she used oils as a way to help her feel confident in using her voice.

AUDREY: Using your voice was part of our topic today. How can oils assist you when you’re feeling stuck around using your voice? 

CARRIE: I have a custom diffuser blend for today. I have five oils in it and I specifically used them for today because using my voice on paper

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, that’s something I love, I love writing.  However, speaking out loud and using my voice has not always been the easiest thing for me. 

The one that I used specifically first was Lavender and Spearmint.  Lavender is the oil of communication and Spearmint is the oil of confident speech. I used two drops of Spearmint, two drops of Lavender, two drops of Vetiver; that’s for grounding, and then I did add a drop of Geranium.  Geranium is the oil of love and trust so I’m just trusting and loving myself for being here and really stepping out of my comfort zone.  The last one is Breathe. I did a drop of Breathe as well because it’s the oil of breath. It is as a reminder to be present and to breathe is always a good one for me because I can find myself kind of folding, like restricting my chest and so just that act of breathing and knowing that I’m loved and cared for is great for being courageous.

Check out Carrie and I’s full episode! Learn how Carrie uses essential oils with her family, and to assist in emotional release.



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