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What is in your way of living your best life, of consistently feeling your best? Whether it’s stress at work or at home, feeling tired, overwhelmed, anxious, or in pain; Rewiring your Life is a process to let go of old physical and emotional patterns no longer serving you. Using Reiki and Essential Oils we replace old patterns with new energetic pathways and emotional patterns that serve who you are in this moment.


Rewired Life is a personalized set of tools designed to help you STOP adding things to your life, and START clearing layers getting in the way of you living aligned as your best self.


Rewiring your Life is a shift into our best selves; learning to love yourself, heal your body and mind, and celebrate life.

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Listening to my body has been my life-line to heal from almost two decades of chronic pain and disease. So…ya, I’m pretty passionate about about honoring my sensitive body. Every sensation, feeling, and passing thought is a communication from my emotional body; everything means something. I want to know what and how to move past it. Don’t you?

Every moment of every day I choose to listen to my body and honor what it has to say – because my health and wellbeing depends on it! 

And so does yours.

“the wound is the place where the light enters you” – Rumi

Denver Reiki Master Audrey Michel

R E I K I .

Dig deep. Discover your BEST SELF by eliminating hidden layers standing in the way of connecting with INNER WISDOM.

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L E A R N. How Essential Oils can assist you in Rewiring Your Emotions.

Rewired Life. Heal Chronic Pain and Disease.

B O O K .

“Rewired Life; a journey to untangle chronic pain and endometriosis” is my story to heal from 17 years of chronic pain and disease.

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 P O D C A S T .

REWIRED LIFE RADIO are available to listen to anytime! Learn to Love Yourself, Heal Your Body & Mind, and Celebrate Life.



Did you know your body holds a wealth of information? Our bodies know the best next step, the right timing, and which path our lives will take. Our bodies know why we cannot sleep and why that headache won’t go away. When we learn to interpret the messages our emotional body is sending, we open up a whole new world for ourselves. We hold the key to healing our bodies, minds, and spirits.

I am the Reiki Master you never knew you needed.

And I think it is time we met.




“A true spiritual teacher does not have anything to teach in the conventional sense of the word, does not have anything to give or add to you, such as new information, beliefs, or rules of conduct. The only function of such a teacher is to help you remove which separates you from the truth of who you already are and what you already know in the depth of your being. The spiritual  teacher is there to uncover and reveal to you that dimension of inner depth that is also peace.” – Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

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Learn to Listen

to YOUR body.

Feeling like maybe your body and intuition have something to say...but are not quite sure if you are hearing correctly?


to help you connect to your body and inner wisdom NOW!

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