Masculine vs Feminine Energy

Being balanced in your masculine feminine energy is ground zero for your overall health.

Let’s define what masculine and feminine energies are…

First of all, we are NOT talking about male vs female

, or man vs woman. I am talking more along the lines of energetic archetypes. Each of us need and use BOTH types of energies.

Masculine energy is very much straight, hard lines. Words like focus, determined, dedication, competition, action, logic, urgent, assertive, and structure. Can you feel the power in them?

Feminine energy is all curves and flow. Words like integrating, collective, patient, listening, open, accommodating, relationships, and collaborating. These words are much softer and nurturing.

During the May 31st interview on Rewired Life™ Radio with my guest and naturopath, Dr. Nadine, we spent our time discussing how to be balanced in your masculine and famine energies. We dug a bit further into masculine and feminine energies.

DR. NADINE: Let’s just take it one more step here

, in the body everyone, regardless of the body type you walk around in, you have a masculine energy side and you have the feminine energy side. The right side of the body is the masculine side; the action side, this is the step it forward, this is the making things happen side. And the left side of the body is the female energy; where it’s about nurturing creation, the hearts on the left hand side, this is the place of nurturing and nourishing and bringing beauty in.

If we take this even further, when I see clients and an if an accident happened with your body, the first thing I ask my clients is which side of body did it happen on. For example, if I stub my toe (which toes represent stepping forward in life), if I stub my toe on the right side, a good question to ask is, “where am I out of balance with the masculine in getting things done, you know, putting things into action? This a sign I need to back off, step back and come back more into the feminine where I can nourish my ideas, or maybe it’s time for me to take a moment for myself and stop putting things into action. It’s time to get back in the flow versus the “let’s go get it done part”.

AUDREY: Exactly! I think you alluded to this, that everybody whether our physical body is male or female, we both carry masculine and feminine energy and we both need masculine and feminine energy to be balanced.

DR. NADINE: Now if we are too far in the masculine, we’re all do, do, do, do, do, do ,do and there’s no creation, no birthing, there’s no new ideas because we’ve just got to get “it” done. Then, if there’s too much feminine energy, if it’s all creative, what I call airy-fairy, you’re missing structure. All the sudden a 10 minute activity takes an hour, and conversations are all over the place, there is no anchor.

AUDREY: What happens to us, and our emotions, when we’re out of balance?

DR. NADINE: Have you ever felt that you are not worthy? Have you ever felt like you’re not enough? Have you ever felt like you just want to argue with someone

, you’ve got to get your point across because they’re not hearing you? Have you ever felt like you’re in competition because there’s got to be a winner? Notice the difference between all these emotions; I’m not good enough for you. No matter what the task is, at the workplace or in the home, this imbalance of the masculine and feminine, creates feelings of, “I’m not good enough”.Then we either numb out in some form, I’m going to hide, I’m going to either go out and be so visible or not visible but there’s this part of me feeling not good enough. The imbalance is not being seen, not being heard, that’s all an imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, within our heart. It shows up anytime our emotions and mental well-being are out of balance, and usually manifest itself as some type of imbalance in the physical body. It’ll show up as dis-ease.

Our discussion continued, and I would encourage you to listen to the replay because Dr. Nadine gave a LIVE meditation to help us get balanced and grounded in our bodies.

Audrey Michel. writer. speaker. spiritual growth coach.

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