Rewire Your Emotions with Essential Oils

What makes Essential Oils so powerful?

Rewired Life™ has always been about the emotional process of healing. This summer on Rewired Life™ Radio, I talked about neuroplastic pathways and how we have the ability to shift our thought patterns and beliefs into something that works for us in the current moment.

For me, neuroscience explains the “woo-woo” aspect of what I do; why are affirmations, meditations, visualizations, and essential oils so powerful?

Let’s start here: There are billions of bits of information coming at us every second of everyday. Our brain has to filter out what is important, and what is unimportant to us or we’d be ridiculously overwhelmed. The question becomes, how do we define what’s important and not important? Because it is different for everybody, its one of the things that make us unique. Over the years whether you meant to or not, you’ve been telling your brain what is important via your thoughts, beliefs, experiences, family origin, culture, history, and location in the world, etc. All of these things tell your brain and it’s filter what’s important, and if it’s important let it in, if it’s not important, it can bounce!

Think about it this way, your brain is like a fancy CEO of an investment firm; everybody wants to pitch this person their idea for funding. Because so many people want to talk to this person, they need help! So, the CEO has assistants, which I would called gatekeepers, to filter out the ideas that don’t fit with their brand or their direction. Our brain has the same gatekeeper and filter. But what if the CEO, or our brains, want to change direction? What if we realize our current situation or direction is no longer working? We have to communicate this with the gatekeeper to shift how information is being filtered.

How easy is that? Well, it is and it isn’t. The exciting thing is, we really do have the tools to accomplish this!

Affirmations, meditations, visualizations, and essential oils – these all have the capability to shift our filter, and rewire our emotions. Each of these tools work on different subtle levels. We need all of them working together to retrain our brain; to rewire our nervous system.

  • Affirmations work with our conscious mind.
  • Visualizations work with the subconscious mind, the image based part of our brains.
  • Meditations work spiritually.
  • Essential Oils  work with the amygdala and limbic system.

Essential Oils have a unique ability to BYPASS the brains filtering system through our sense of smell. Our sense of smell is the ONLY sense that has the ability to bypass our brain’s filter. The information goes straight to our Amygdala; the fear center part of our brain

, and to the limbic system.

This is what excites me so much!

The amygdala is the fear center of our brain, fight, flight, and freeze responses live. This little almond sized piece of our brain can literally rule your life if you don’t have the tools to move past your initial fear responses.

Fellow Essential Oil Educator, Carrie Socia, joined me again on Rewired Life™ Radio to further discuss the power of using essential oils for emotional wellness. Back in May, Carrie joined me in talking about Kick-Starting Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils. For this episode, Rewire Your Emotions with Essential Oils, Carrie and I expanded on how to best use essential oils for emotional wellness.

AUDREY: Since our sense of smell is the most powerful way to use essential oils for emotional wellness, how do you recommend using essential oils?

CARRIE:  Alright, three ways to use essential oils for emotional wellness, a couple of ways to diffuse, and then topically. First, you can actually diffuse essential oils in your hand. Simply put a drop in your hand, rub your hands together, then cup your hands to your nose, and breathe in. That’s a way of self-diffusing, and quickly getting the scent of the oil into your system. Think a quick burst of energy around your desired emotion.

Essential Oils are homeopathic so think a smaller amount but more often, one drop is plenty when you’re self-diffusing.

Then I love-love-love diffusing oils via an actual diffuser. Think similar to a humidifier. Diffusers “infuse” the air with oil(s) of your choice for several hours at a time. Think of holding an intention for the day by choosing one oil or another.

In our home we have four – so we each have them in our bedrooms and then we have one downstairs in our kitchen area. I always start my day by diffusing oils.


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, there’s topical. Typically applying oils topically means putting the oil on your pulse points. You would apply oils on your wrist, behind your ears, or on the back of your neck, all of these are great places for the oils to enter the body and affect the nervous system.

I recommend only certified pure therapeutic grade oil. So you wouldn’t just go and buy an oil off the shelf, you definitely want to make sure you are getting the highest quality with certified pure therapeutic grade for using topically and diffusing.

AUDREY: What are people noticing when it comes to their emotions and using essential oils? How do you know if they are working?

CARRIE:   So I say the biggest response I get from people, and I can attest to this from my own experience, I can tell I’m calmer and I’m less reactive. I can easily shift from a place of reacting to responding.

I feel like you can use the oils from a place of empowerment, and that to me speaks volumes. Having essential oils is a beautiful tool that helps heal in a very healthy way versus avoiding the emotion or numbing.

Audrey Michel. writer. speaker. spiritual growth coach.

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