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Recently on Rewired Life™ Radio I had the pleasure of interviewing Lizzie Bourque, the founder of Tin Lizzie Apothecary, a boutique jewelry designer focusing on essential oil diffuser necklaces. Lizzie and I connected over our passion for not only empowering women to heal, but using essential oils to assist with emotional wellness.

Like most of my guests, I am always interested in how they arrived at where they are today.

AUDREY: How did essential oils and creating these necklaces become a part of your life?

LIZZIE: Well I moved to Denver and I actually got pretty heavily immersed in the tech start-up scene here. And so that was totally new for me, I’d come from advertising. It was a huge breath of fresh air with entrepreneurship and this go-getter mindset. I ended up at this community and environment for entrepreneurs and it was exhilarating and so great but at the same time extremely stressful and extremely fast growing. So, it kind of knocked me on the head.

I think for some people stress, anxiety, and depression and all these things kind of come on hard, and for me it was more of a very slow spiral down. I didn’t always know I was going down that way, but once I was there, I was there. At that point I was really looking for something to help, that weren’t necessarily traditional Western medicine. So, that’s really how I started getting into essential oils. A deep dive into how they work, and what they do, and what works where, and when you combine them.

I know what you’re thinking… how does this work??

Our skin quickly absorbs essential oils, but raw wood does not! By placing your essential oils on Tin Lizzie Apothecary’s wood bead, you get a slow release of the oil through out the day. So where a traditional diffuser requires you to stay in one place, diffuser jewelry allows you to have your oils with you wherever you are.

I have to say, I wear my necklace from Tin Lizzie Apothecary almost everyday. I use an oil to set an intention for the day, and through out the day I get unexpected scents reminding me of what I am up to.


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