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Over the last few years, my business had slowly become an online business. That’s supposed to be the dream, right? Work whenever, wherever you’d like, create content one time and then sell it over and over for passive income, you know the drill! I had all the parts and pieces working; from the Rewired Life Radio show, to Facebook Live every week following the show, to blogs and social media each week about guests and topics, to online classes and workshops.  I was empowering and teaching women to find healing. How exciting, right?! Most of my energy everyday had been spent online, connected to a computer screen in some way. Interacting online had become my everyday. And, yes, I love my online communities and the relationships that have formed online. However, about a year ago, I was beginning to realize something was off. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled.

You know the feeling. You’re doing all the “right” things, yet it doesn’t feel right.

Towards the end of the last year, I knew my radio contract would be up for renewal, and I was super tortured about the decision to continue for another year. Being on air was A LOT of fun…it was also A LOT of work. While I learned a lot and met numerous amazing women across the country (and world really), creating an hour worth of content each week was a grind. Most days it felt worth it as the energy created in that hour show was really exciting! Yet, it always felt super weird. I mean, let’s be real… radio hosts and podcasters pretty much talk to themselves!

Yes, I had network numbers to tell me how many people were listening live and to podcast replays, but that still didn’t give me the satisfaction of talking to ACTUAL PEOPLE. Speaking to a room of 250 people is a very different experience that learning 250 people tuned in to your live radio show. At the end of the day…it was me, in my house, in my pajamas, talking to myself…or at least talking at the computer screen.

And while I felt the online realm created a lot of movement in my business, I didn’t feel a lot of movement within myself.

I was missing REAL HUMAN connection.

My 1 year contract to fill the Women and Health hour for Transformation Talk Radio Network ended and I was both relieved and sad, ultimately, I chose not to continue Rewired Life Radio. At the time I wasn’t super clear about WHY the answer was no, I could just feel in my body that I wasn’t going to be aligned moving forward. Now

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, in the aftermath of being off air with Rewired Life Radio, my business felt like all those parts and pieces were scattered all over. I had kinesiology clients. I was selling and educating about essential oils. I was doing speaking engagements about my book. Everything felt like it’s own separate compartment. Nothing was cohesive anymore. The radio show was holding it all together, and with that gone…nothing was making sense.

For a while I did the thing where I set goals and then obsessed like crazy to reach them. Doing SOMETHING felt good…in the short term. But in the long run, doing all the wrong things just to be doing something wasn’t the answer. All of the chaos and busyness was a waste.

I finally let the “busyness” stage go, and moved into the next stage of stumbling around, creating and letting go, recreating, experimenting, seeing how that feels, letting that go, resting, meditating, traveling, journaling, playing with the dogs, and being curious. During those 6 month of being curious, I had to get off line. As I stumbled around, I needed to disconnect from outside influences to REALLY hear myself, and what is aligned for me. And Facebook and Instagram were super distracting! Giving 14,000 ideas a minute! That is not what I needed. What I needed was to be open to what the Universe put in front of me, and to be able to see the past with clarity, and step in to what is next for me. (More on this later)

Letting go of the radio show overlapped with me joining a networking group with the requirement of meeting 1:1 with people, and learning about them and their business. And just like that, I was back with PEOPLE.

I was feeling energized, well, happy, and CONNECTED again. I was PRESENT again.

This is both an announcement and an apology, I guess. I’m not as active in my Facebook Groups or Facebook Page

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, and I apologize to those in the RWL Tribe that are used to getting information in that way. The online space is back to being an ELEMENT of my business, no longer the backbone.

I will do my best to share online…but all my discovering and resituating this past spring and summer has paid off…my commitment moving forward has shifted to be present with my clients. I am excited to share what this all means! Stay tuned!

Audrey Michel. writer. speaker. spiritual growth coach.

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