Louise Hay’s work has been instrumental in shifting my mindset and learning to listen to my body. Her book, “You Can Heal Your Life” influenced me in ways I never knew were possible and I never knew I needed.

Healing for me began the day I stopped forcefully trying to make endometriosis go away. I hated the way my life was going. I had tried EVERYTHING I knew to do to make pain and disease go away.

Reading “You Can Heal Your Life” made me realize that, yes, I was trying everything I knew to do (MANY TIMES OVER), but that didn’t mean I was trying EVERYTHING. Reading “You Can Heal Your Life” opened up my mind to a whole new realm of possibility. Our thoughts and beliefs are incredibly powerful…and I wanted to know to use that power in my favor.

Rewired Life Awakening Society, women's group

Louise Hay taught me to embrace radical self-love, to choose my thoughts, and to love and accept myself in the current moment.

Oh. Holy. Smokes.

What does all of this mean?? It is so complicated and yet so very simple. It means things to so many different women. If you are ready to explore what this mean to you…

I invite you to join me as I guide group of women through the book and through the experience of opening yourself up to self-love.

—> Rewired Life – Awakening Society <—  this 6 week class will guide you and support you through self-discovery in a process to listen to your body

, and embrace self-love in a whole new light.


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Learn to Listen

to YOUR body.

Feeling like maybe your body and intuition have something to say...but are not quite sure if you are hearing correctly?


to help you connect to your body and inner wisdom NOW!

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