With the book weeks away from publishing, I’ve heard so many comments and questions asking if it’s been my dream to be an author. And the answer is no. I never dreamed of writing a book, or speaking about my life with endometriosis. Quite frankly for the majority of my life with endometriosis I NEVER wanted to talk about it. Ever.

So what am I doing? Why spend 2 years writing a book about my LIFE?

I swear the Universe literally hit me in the back of the head, saying, “Write your story.” It was a gut wrenching need. And the journey started as this blog. Within months I found myself signing up for writer’s workshops, and it seemed the title and table of contents appeared from thin air.

Author, Rewired Life, a journey to untangle chronic pain and endometriosis

It was as though this being inside me had infinite strength.  As soon as I said yes to even journaling about my experience

, I couldn’t stop until it was all out. I remember nights where I would go to bed, because it was bed-time, but really I just laid there formulating the next chapter. I finally allowed myself to just get up and get the words out of my head.

Recently I saw a quote from Gabrielle Bernstein asking, “When the Universe calls, will you answer with fear or surrender with love?” 

It’s a challenging question. My answer is yes to both. At times I can feel myself surrender and allow the Universe to work through me. Other days I feel fear and ego stopping me as I rely on my own strength. It is a dance. I can say

, I work really hard to clear fear, leaving space for Love to lead.

My question to you is; Are you saying Yes to that thing tugging at you? Are you saying Yes to letting go of what no longer serves you? Are you saying YES to the life you are supposed to live?

Are you?



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