Oh, man, I used to LOVE rollercoasters! I remember visiting my Aunt in L.A. as a child, and going to Disney Land for the first time. She taught me if you scream really loud, then your guts won’t giggle around and make you sick.

Sound advice.

However, I can’t really say my adult self LOVES rollercoasters.

This makes me smile and laugh that, “Oh-I-get-it” laugh after I began to write this:

Rewired Life. Love yourself, Heal your body and mind 

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, Celebrate life” width=”1024″ height=”634″ />Rollercoasters and this journey of self-love, surrender, patience, and trust is an incredible thing. The days of clicking-clack-clack and steady climbing of incremental improvement bring me much joy. Somedays are full of euphoria and ease as I feel the transition toward downhill momentum. Then as I begin to think “I got this

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, this is easy!”, a sharp unexpected turn called “the next lesson” jerks me into a seemingly endless dark tunnel.

GAH! That used to be fun! This joyous feeling of WHAAAT’S HAPPENING??!! EEEeeeeee!

You get my point.

I see so many women through coaching and leading small groups, and none of us are immune to the ups and downs. Myself included. Loving ourselves through life’s “ups” is easy! But what about while we are in the tunnel of darkness? “I’m not supposed to experience darkness” we think… “I’ve got my shit together. Life is supposed to get better and better! Right?” Where’d the euphoria and ease go??!

Here is the thing…

Our ability to love ourself through tough, dark, and unwanted messiness of life is the VITAL first step to escaping the dark tunnel.

And here is where I usually get push back and opposition… you know, where judgement and expectation come in…

BUT!… I don’t have time for this. I never wanted my life to change in this way. When is the pain (emotional or physical) going to go away? And my personal favorite… Maybe if I just ignore it, it’ll go away. (Because THAT always works!)

I am super excited because Feb. 23rd marks the beginning of a 17 day blog tour where I am joined by bloggers and podcasters to dig DEEP into the concepts within my book, “Rewired Life” of Loving yourself, Healing your body & mind, and Celebrating life.

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