Road Blocks, Detours, and Course-Corrections. Life is full of them. I haven’t blogged in 10 weeks. In the blogspheer, that is an eternity. I could feel the shame of disengaging my audience building inside of me. And yet, I simply wasn’t doing it. You could call it procrastination or being to busy, but after 10 weeks…it is more than that. There are bloggers religiously write everyday. Others write when they are inspired. I am a little of both. I can write through short feelings of “ho-hum”. But feeling empty for words went on for too long.

Women's Health, Women's Issues, Life, get unstuck, endometriosisI know myself well enough to listen to my intuition (eventually anyway). I knew that I wasn’t inspired by what I was writing. As I continued to write out of obligation, I could feel something wasn’t right. I just didn’t know what. I recognized the road block (which can be half the battle), but didn’t know what to do about it. Historically my tendency would be follow the motto, “More, Faster, Stronger.” Thinking, “OMG, my audience isn’t responding! I need to blog more, I need better content.” I have at least recognized this tendency as a rat in a wheel, or banging my head against a wall.  These days, I am much better at listening to my body and intuition. Something was off, so I took a break from writing the blog and focused heavily on writing my book. As time went by I was, although, incredibly fulfilled by working on the book and excited about its progress, the business woman in me nagged about neglecting my audience.

It wasn’t until my conversation with a fellow blogger/entrepreneur and all-around awesome woman that I finally said out loud what my heart had been telling me for a while. Endometriosis was my struggle, my mess, and my 17 year obstacle to overcome. I absolutely adore my fellow endosisters and the endometriosis support community. For the past 9 months my target has been solely focused on the Endometriosis Community. And I plan to continue to do so. I find joy in inspiring all women to overcome whatever they are dealing with and to become their true authentic selves. Helping women discover who they are supposed to be lights me on fire!

Being authentic about my frustration helped me realize I needed to expand what I am up to.

I will forever talk about endometriosis and my life with chronic pain because it was my struggle, it was my “something”. I will continue to share my journey to love myself, heal my body and mind, and celebrate life because I believe in the power of personal stories. I hope that within my mess, other women feel that anything is possible, and they are worth the time and effort to become everything they’ve ever wanted.



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