After last week’s post, I received many questions and comments asking to elaborate.

Everyone has a different path to wellness, and I have found mine with alternative medicine, holistic healing, and mind-body connection.  Over the years, Western Medicine treatments brought me relief at times, and other times caused more trauma than I ever knew.  Throughout ongoing treatments, I slowly lost my voice, and lost touch of being in charge of my health.  I have a spectrum of feelings, but no loss of respect, or distaste for doctors in my past who did their best to help me.  The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the last two decades, is to listen to my own body, and trust what it has to say.  The continuous dosage of pain pills and hormones disconnected me from knowing my own body and feelings.

I have chosen to share my experience for those, like me, who have tried all of the treatments and drugs suggested by doctors. To those who feel hopeless and helpless because you’ve tried all the treatments, several times, and are done rotating pain pill prescriptions to avoid addiction, there is hope. I write for the women who are taking so many drugs that you are unsure if what you are feeling is your own, or just another side effect. I share because I know that desperate place. A place where I would do anything suggested by anyone with an ounce of knowledge on the subject. And now, I know the other side. I know that my body can regulate itself without the assistance of hormones. I know that I can experience menstruation and ovulation without yearning for pain pills and wishing I could sleep for days. In fact, other than the obvious, I barely notice my monthly cycle, and neither does anyone else. I am no longer a RAGING crazy person ready to explode at any minute. I think my friends and family would agree…it’s glorious. My mind, body, and emotions have smoothed out, and relaxed.

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I share in hopes that something, ANYTHING, that worked for me, might work for another woman.

Honor what your body has to say. Trust your instinct, stand up for yourself, and ask, “What else is possible”.



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