It was a slow transition sinking into the fog; one I barely noticed. During the 17 years I lived with chronic pain and endometriosis I felt the growing number of medications were a NEED. I overlooked what they were doing to me. Decrease in appetite; fine. Increase in mood-swings; fine. Hot flashes; whatever. Should not drive or operate heavy machinery; ok.

On one hand I could blame the journey into the fog on the medical community for increasing prescriptions  or even on the drugs themselves. On the other hand I could interpret the medicated fog as another way to look at the slow disconnection from myself.

Medicating to numb the pain and disconnecting from myself seemed to be a simultaneous downward spiral.

Endometriosis, chronic pain, medicated fogIt is crazy to look back on the days of being heavily medicated. At the time I thought nothing about it, I was doing what I needed to do to get pain and disease under control.

My choice to begin eliminating medications came with curiosity, wondering how do I really feel? Do I feel tired and bloated or is it a side affect? Curiosity lead to experimenting. And for me being curious and experimenting shifted my mind set to “let’s just seeing how I feel” and if it’s not better, I can always go back to medications. This shifted my mind set away from a fear of how bad it could get without meds; and that was new for me.

Curiosity also brought me to a place of wanting to rediscover me. Endometriosis and medications had taken me away from being me. Being in a place of WANTING to rediscover and recreate was really powerful.

In the years of being medication free I’ve become acutely aware of how foggy things were. Portions of my life just don’t exist

, memories are gone. All I have are stories from loved ones. I used to get upset about how chemicals blocked my ability to remember, but now I ask questions to try to have fun reliving old times. I am grateful to have found clarity, and grateful the fog has lifted.

I am excited to announce that I am in the final stages of growing my spiritual practice to include taking on individual clients. If you are curious, and ready to rediscover and redefine YOU, this is a great place to start!

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