House shopping in a city with a hot real estate market is quite the whirlwind. Aaron and I had been weaving in and out of the “is it time for a bigger house” conversation for about a year, and finally pulled the trigger…at least to start looking.

Everything happens fast! Wednesday we were pre-approved, Thursday we had our preferences set up in our realtors online home searcher, Friday we had a handful of showings, and finished with a dozen more on Saturday. It felt more like a parade of homes that showings; we waited in line for our 15 minute viewing time, and when we walked out more people were waiting their turn. Based on a 15 minute assessment we had to choose if we would be putting in an offer. Our realtor was clear that our top 3 properties would be under contract by the end of the weekend, and most likely get into a bidding war.

spiritual growth coach shares how to deal with the tension of shopping for a new house

We sat down for a late lunch with our realtor to figure out a game plan. We walked into a popular neighborhood boozy brunch spot…thank goodness, I thought… Mango Mimosa PLEASE! At this point my body was bloated with energy, buzzing, anxious, and borderline in pain. I sat down, my body throbbing, looking like a total deer-in-headlights. My bestie sat across from me, and I let out a big exhale. She asked if I was okay, and I said, “Gawd, I need to meditate!” Thinking to myself, I’ll just do that when we get home later. She said she had her headphones and I could use them to drown out all the noise…which didn’t sound too appealing. But she was right

, I needed to do it right now! I sat for a little bit, listening to my body, and decided to go back to our vehicle and meditate.

When I returned to our table about 15 minutes later, our realtor had joined and inquired about where I had gone. I said I needed to mediate. I got a puzzled look in return, so I explained how my body was feeling and that meditating allowed me to reset.

“How did you learn that?” I explained that I was diagnosed with chronic pain and endometriosis at age 14 and spent the next 17 years using pain pills, muscle relaxers, and hormones to try to alleviate pain. And in recent years I’ve taken an alternative path toward healing, which has taught me how to listen to my body and interpret stress and tension.

“Interesting.” I finished by saying that years ago if I felt the way I did 20 minutes ago

, I would have said I didn’t feel good. That I was in pain, and probably would have taken a pain pill. But now I know that today has been an overwhelming experience and I’ve taken all the energy, balled it up and stored it in my lower back and abdomen. It’s what I do!

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