Self-Care and Inner Reflection

I am a 17 year chronic pain survivor currently living symptom free of endometriosis. Six years ago life looked like a toxic mix of pain pills, muscle relaxers, hormone treatments, and barely getting out of bed. After almost two decades of repeating treatment patterns, it was a dead end. I was doing everything I knew to do in order to feel better, and it wasn’t good enough.

Frustrated and hopeless, I hit rock bottom. (Read about the day I chose to stop taking pain pills)

What started as a search to ease symptoms of endometriosis (besides pain), such as poor digestion, irregular sleep patterns, hormone imbalance, and mood swings, ended with self-discovery. Acupuncture and chiropractic led to energy work and kinesiology. Kinesiology took me down a spiritual path of discovery, and taught me to listen to my body. By looking inward and questioning what else is possible, I became curious as to why I was in pain. Uncovering layers of emotional stress and trauma taught me how to let go and forgive. I found confidence in my own voice. I learned to love and accept myself.

Emotionally recovering from the disease made physical pain easier to deal with. Feeling grounded in communicating what my body needed to be well, I no longer expected practitioners to tell me what to do to get better. I found power in listening to my body and communicating its needs. The biggest lesson for me was understanding physical pain causes emotional trauma, and emotional stress and tension manifests as physical ailments and pain. Addressing both simultaneously is essential. I used to think “I’ll be happy when the pain is gone But now I know recovering takes a tandem approach.

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Self-care is now my first priority. Taking care of my mind, body, and spirit has made me a better person. I am happy and healthy. I know the hopeless struggle endometriosis causes. I know how the disease takes over and how easy it is to lose your sense of self. I also know it is possible to be who you were meant to be regardless of the affects of endometriosis and disease.

Rewired Life is about helping women and the EndoSister community love and accept yourself in the current moment, and discover your own path to wellness. Through education and awareness about how self-care and inner reflection can shift our relationship with our current situation, we can push endometriosis to the background of life.
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It is an honor to be a part of the Skinny Dip Society. This collection of powerful women shows that no matter what your battle, you can conquer it! Never give up on finding your path.

Love yourself. Heal your mind and body. Celebrate life.



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endometriosis and self-care

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