Airline travel. Those words alone evoke stress for many people. Between navigating budget airline luggage rules, knowing how much clothing to remove for TSA, and jamming liquids in tiny bottles, getting on an airplane feels like herding cattle.

There are a few things I have learned that really help my body remain stress free in the airport.

Create an airline schedule that promotes wellness1. I select a departure and arrival times based on what is best for my body. Not my wallet. I get it, airfare is expensive, so shopping for the best deal is a part of travel. However, you cannot make me get on a 6am flight…not for business. There better be a beach in my future, someplace I can spend the afternoon chillin’, not sitting in meetings. Business travel is too jam packed the way it is. Knowing your body is key. If you are like me and mornings are like getting a coal train moving, then saving $50 by being on the first flight out may not be the best idea. I know if I use up my energy, I will pay for it later. Overwhelming my system means acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic when I get home. Saving a penny but adding stress only costs me later.

2. Layovers. I am lucky enough to live in a city with one of the bigger airports in the country, so for the most part I can find non-stop flights. If layovers are necessary, however, I avoid the dreaded 20-30 minute plane change. It’s too much. I just want off the plane, I have to run, why didn’t I check half of this heavy bag, OMG is this my only chance at food? TSA says 20 minute layovers are allowable. But they are not for me.

3. Airport food, how I love thee. Something happens when food passes through security…it loses all its nutritional value. Selection has really improved in the last 10 years, though. I swear it used to only be terrible fast food selections or beer and wings. However, smaller airports still seem to only cook with a fryer. So, I usually Google my options. I either schedule enough time to sit and eat at an acceptable airport restaurant, eat prior to getting to the airport, or bring something with me. (I love Lara Bars)

The biggest lesson I have learned is to honor my body and listen to its needs. I understand the pressure to travel the cheapest way possible, I’ve done it. And I’ve paid for it the following week. My body hurts, I’m sick, and I’m scheduling body work to get rid of stress and muscle tension. Every time I’ve ignored what I know to be true for my body, I’ve paid for it.

Tomorrow I am discussing what Hotels are doing to serve clients’ health and fitness needs. There is some cool stuff going on, you’ll want to check it out!



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