I started journalling years ago. In the beginning I did it while on vacation to remember all the lovely things I’d seen or done. Then, in late 2008, I needed a project. I needed a project to not only fill my time, but to feed my brain.  In 2008 I experienced about as much pain and disconnection from life as I did when being diagnosed with endometriosis at age 14. But at age 27, I was supposed to be a functioning adult. I began gravitating towards “inspirational” and “find yourself” types of books. Ladies Who Launch became a part of my life, as well as a “life book” per the author’s suggestion. A place to collect ideas, thoughts, and inspiration.

Over the years my reasons for journalling have changed, but I have continued to collect pictures, quotes, and thoughts. I always use hardcover unlined books with a Uni-ball Deluxe Micro black pen, and markers as I please.

Endometriosis Book

I have found, for me, journalling is a way to figure out exactly what I am thinking or feeling. It seems I don’t know what I think until I write it, and sometimes it takes me months to recognize patterns. Journalling gives me space to get rid of ugly thoughts. There have been days where I need to get negative thoughts out of my head, after writing, I rip out pages and shred them. A symbolic and physical way to “let it go”.

I would encourage you to not only keep a gratitude journal to find a positive in every day, but also a personal journal. Write to discover, not document. Start asking why, and wonder what else is possible. Find connections and discover yourself.  Yesterday I journaled about how editing a bridal image made me cry. I literally started crying, wondered why I was crying…and then wrote this – A Letter to a Beautiful Bride.

Many journal entries turn into blogs posts for either Rewired Life, or my photography business – Audrey Michel, Wedding Photographer. These days journalling looks like a combination of personal thoughts and insights, to meditation journaling, gratitude journaling, as well as business notes and notes on how I want my book to be laid out.

The above collage is Instagram images I take while writing. I love the process, and it is fun to see where I am inspired to write. It takes a plate of eggs benedict, a cup of tea or a white chocolate mocha, a bit of wine, and two helpful kitties to get thoughts out of my head.

The image below is typically what my husband comes home to. My office covered in books, journals, ideas, and most importantly, Starbucks. 😉

Authentic Journalling Endometriosis

This has been a fun post to go back through old journals, see my thought process, and remember where I used to be with business and my health. Plus, it has been inspiring to see how many of my ideas have come to fruition. A great way to celebrate how far I’ve come, and what I’ve accomplished.





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