Are you ever curious about how the landscape of the self help world has shifted over the last decade? I am. I find it fascinating!

At the beginning of May I had a great conversation on Rewired Life™ Radio with Dr. Pat Buccili, host of the Dr. Pat Show and founder of the Transformation Talk Radio Network, about how the landscape of the self-help world has changed over the last decade.  I am fascinated by how things are moving towards living a high-vibe life. And because Dr. Pat is an expert in the transformation and self-help world and the host of the Dr. Pat Show where she hears stories of transformation from people over the last 15 years, I thought she’d be the perfect person to talk to.

During my May 3rd episode of Rewired Life Radio, as I asked Dr. Pat what she has seen and experienced in the world of transformation in the last couple of decades, she continued to say, “the demographic has changed”. This shift is two-fold, as uplifting and transformative messages began hitting the airwaves, the demographic of radio listeners changed from a majority of men, and began shifting towards women. Then, transformational messages began moving from the traditional seminar/workshop set up where you got a little information for free, and are then uphold on CDs etc., to now, so much information is free. Now women are empowering themselves and choosing which direction is right for them.

DR. PAT: (in reference to The Dr. Pat Show, and Transformation Talk Radio) …we started a movement and it was a progressive movement. It was a movement that wanted to talk about creating a better world by providing information that helped people live full out.

AUDREY:  Will you define for us  what you think the words empowerment, or high-vibe, awakening, self-love, transformation, what does that all mean to you?

DR. PAT: One of the first books that I read—I don’t know when I read it, it was years ago—was a book called Man’s Search for Meaning and it’s a book by Victor Frankl.  Viktor Frankl was an Austrian, he was a neurologist, and he was a psychiatrist as well as a holocaust provider.  He was the founder of some incredible therapy.

Not to get into his story but he wrote about what was it in that experience in the camps that kept him alive.  But to answer your question, it points really to this. This is just one of the things he says, he said, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms, to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances to choose one’s own way.”  That’s really what we’re talking about.  We’re not talking about high-vibe being

, some kind of fictitious, surreal life you create or something on your vision board.  What it means is I’m going to choose an internal way, an emotional way of how to show up in life that also includes grieving when I need to grieve, being happy when I need to be happy but living my life with the freedom of joy as my first choice before anything else.  Joy is another word for love.

Wonder how can you live your life from a place of joy? Curious how you can shift from low-vibe to high-vibe?  Check out my Rewired Life™ Radio episode with Dr. Pat.


Audrey Michel. writer. speaker. spiritual growth coach.

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