Recently I read Robin Roberts book Everyone’s Got Something and fell in love with the quote she uses from her mother; “Make your mess your message”.

The words spoke to me.

What is my mess? Although chronic pain and disease was definitely a mess, it wasn’t the obstacle in my way of fully living the life I was meant to live. What was in my way was an emotional mess. What I didn’t know was that for me, the psychological scarring of living with chronic pain and endometriosis was deeper than any physical scarring of multiple surgeries could have ever created.

For years I covered my emotional scars thinking if I couldn’t see them, they didn’t exist. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I always thought emotional issues belonged to those who “had issues”, someone looked down upon for “not having it together” – You don’t want to be that girl! I shamed myself into believing normal people don’t have emotional or psychological issues to work through. This belief and fear of such a label kept me in a messy spiral for far too long.

Emotional Wellness and Whole Body Healing

As I worked to heal my mind and spirit

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, it became clear that emotional wellness was ground zero for whole body healing. Now, on the other side of chronic pain and endometriosis, I know my emotional and spiritual wellness is priority number one. My body is incredibly sensitive and I have to honor my body’s needs. If I don’t

, I pay for it. It is a continuous practice to maintain emotional and spiritual wellness. One I am incredibly passionate about. And it is true, my mess has become my message.

Emotional struggle is LIFE. Everyone has issues and lessons to learn. I stand for emotional wellness; listening to your emotional body and honoring what it has to say. Everyone has something. And there is no denying that whatever your something is, it has caused additional emotional stress. The question is; can you recognize what is going on, and do you know how to healthily move past the issue?

Are you ready to learn how to move past the issue? Let’s talk! Or, you can begin by getting your hands on the 5 Common Ailments interpretations below and start listening to your body.

Audrey Michel. writer. speaker. spiritual growth coach.

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