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I want to share your story.

The more women I talk to, the more I am inspired by the human spirit. Our ability to bounce back, relearn, recreate, and rise above is fascinating to me. I want to share your story.  Tell me how you have learned to listen to your body. Share about your triumphs, your ah-ha moments, your burnout, your mountain, and how you forged a new trail. What is your roadmap? What does life look like now?

Submit your story for publication! Here is how:

1. Vulnerability, authenticity, and raw emotion.

How has your life changed? Share how you overcame obstacles and are now thriving. Tell me how the switch flipped; what happened that day, week, or year? Did you go from a victim of circumstances to the creator of your destiny? What shifted for you? What do you know now that you wish you knew then?

2. Structure

In 800 words or less share the background of your story, the break, the lessons, and what life looks like now. What is the nugget in your story you want women to walk away with?

3. Include a complimentary photo

Blog posts are always better with a photo!  **you must have the right to use this image.**

4. Headshot, Biography, and links

This is optional but highly suggested. We want to know who you are! And of course I want to share social media love to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever else you’d like to include.

5. Submit

send the above information in a Word Document and attach photo(s) to

6. Publishing

My goal is to share a diverse range of stories. Featured Inspirational Women guest post scheduling will depend on the variety of submissions at any given time. You will get an email prior to your post going live, and I encourage you to share with your community. Using your voice, sharing your story, and putting yourself out there is a big deal! I will share each post via social media channels and will tag accordingly!

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Audrey Michel, LLC cannot guarantee every submission will be published, ensure the exact publish date, or be held responsible for comments or feedback regarding any post.