REWIRED LIFE – Sample Chapter

Rewired Life. by Audrey Michel

Isn’t it time to put your health first?

What if embracing unconditional love and a life of self-care was the first step to wellness? Could you honor that for yourself?

The real challenge is looking inward and creating a practice to move past stress. Wellness is more than a one-dimensional approach. Healing takes work on our mind, body, and spirit. Wellness is a process to heal layers of physical and emotional pain, trauma, and stress.

Audrey Michel know this from experience. She is an author, speaker, and spiritual growth coach who survived seventeen years of chronic pain and endometriosis. Audrey spent more than half her life learning to cope with pain and overcome symptomatic issues. Now pain- and symptom-free, she is passionate about listening to her body, and sharing her story to empower women to heal.

Join Audrey through her journey. Find inspiration and motivation to overcome your obstacles, climb your mountain, and define your path to love yourself, heal your body and mind, and celebrate life.

Give yourself the gift of whole-body wellness.

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