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Rewired Life Book Tour, chronic pain, endometriosis, self-care, healing, joy, adventure

Audrey Michel - Rewired Life; a journey to untangle chronic pain and endometriosis

Wellness and Healing can mean many things.

Join 17 Bloggers from across the US, Canada, England, and Ireland as we dig in to what it means to
Love yourself, Heal your body & mind, and Celebrate life.

Here is the deal…

Rewired Life” is about finding wellness and healing from chronic pain and disease. It’s about more than simply making pain go away. “Rewired Life” is my story and journey towards loving myself, healing my body and mind, and celebrating life, as it is…the good, the bad, and the messy.

I am excited to be joined by 17 amazing bloggers, storytellers, healers, business leaders, mommas, sisters, yogis and generally KICK ASS peeps to share their insights to

Healing is about connecting to your True Self, and choosing to live as your true authentic self.

What if you could let go of unwanted expectations? Learn about self-care? Hear inspirational stories of joy and adventure so that you could create your happiness road map!

Let’s make a shift.

Find healing. Discover your true self.


Links will be available when Blog Posts are live.

Danielle Hughes – Earth Wisdom Teachings – – 5 Steps to Cultivating Self-Love.
Laura Murphy – – The Art of Loving Yourself Unconditionally
Rebecca McKown – – Wake Up to Your Own Magnificence
Jenna Hillier – – Body-Love Habits you can begin TODAY!
Christine Tremoulet – – My Heart Journey to a Rewired Life
Amy Zellmer – Faces of Traumatic Brain Injury – – Healing after Trauma
Whitney Gale – – Healing My Relationship with Food
Sahar Paz – – Honoring the Feminine Voice
Ashley Taylor Yanello – – Our Greatest Gift
Layne Alexander – – Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body
Kim Flores – Jules Lane and Co – – The Courage to Heal
Lois Shannon – The Woman’s Network – – Healing Through Acceptance
Eleonora Gualterio  – Spirit Mommy – – A Power Posture is All You Need
Yogi Tish – Ocho Bravos – – The Yogic Art of Healing
Justine Froelker – – Choosing to Make The Time
Dan Mason – Creative Soul Coaching – – Celebration
Sonja Wieck – Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching – – Playing with Pain
Rachelle Reichley – YAY! LIFE! – www.yaylife.comThe Time is Now 

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