Six weeks ago I took a leap to get out of a rut and joined REAL Life Book Club. What attracted me to it the book club is that the books are inspirational and motivational. My kind of books!

Then I found out we were reading You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

This book lives up to its BADASS name. I think everyone should read this book. It’s that good. Jen takes pretty much every self-help book I’ve read, simplifies the information and presents it in a way that is digestible and fun. Plus, her delivery is hilarious!

I think I could write 5 posts about how this book has affected me. Jen is the master at calling you on your shit. Where are you snoozing in life? I love this question. It applies to all areas of life, and works whether it is just a little stuckness, or areas that need a major overhaul.

REAL Life Book Club. You are a Badass. Empowering Women to Heal.My first take away was renewing my gratitude journal practice. I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with my gratitude journal. What resonated with me was her journal prompt, “It’s a good thing…xyz happened because…” The idea is to recognize and learn the lesson within all experiences. Let me tell you, the day Aaron and I woke up to my car being side-swiped overnight, it took me a while to find why it was a good thing. Having an ongoing practice of gratitude put me in a place of choosing my way of being. I was not reactionary or stressed, and I didn’t let it ruin my day. Although sitting at the car dealership and spending time talking with insurance was not what I had in mind for my Monday morning, I am grateful for the energy shift gave me power of the situation.

The second take away I want to share is how her money discussion affected me at a time when I really needed it. With my own book heading into the editing and publishing process, let’s just say it’s been an overwhelming experience when it comes to how much everything costs. Jen’s perspective and tools helped me shift my thinking. Identifying goals and experiences I want to live into with my book and with Rewired Life helped me see the big picture. I have been able to relax about the upfront cost of publishing book.

Finally, I wanted to share my best take-away from the REAL Life Book Club experience. I LOVED it! It was a small group of amazing ladies who shared openly and really held a space for growth. Going to book club every week was a joy, and a great shift of energy. Every week I knew when I got out of book club and checked my phone, something amazing would be waiting for me. One week I was invited to speak on Unconditional Self-Love. One week attending a Blogging Convention seamlessly came together. And one week I decided to open up about wanting to be a book club leader…and guess what…training starts next week. I couldn’t be more excited to use REAL Life Book Club as yet another tool to Empower Women to Heal.



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