After interviewing my acupuncturist, Christine, {read more here}, I wanted to share a few snippets out of my book, “Rewired Life; a journey to overcome chronic pain and endometriosis.” {purchase book here}

From Chapter 6 – Reconnecting Wires

Many times acupuncture appointments include other therapies such as craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, moxibustion, and cupping, as well as herbs to take home to continue supporting whatever the treatment started. All of these components of acupuncture are used to treat the whole person– mind, body, and spirit.

Hadn’t I been treating my whole body for years? Birth control and pain pills for my uterus and ovaries. Muscle relaxers for my back. Miralax for digestion. Mood stabilizers for my emotions. Sleeping pills for rest. Trust me, my whole body needed something! But alternative healing felt different. It felt real in every sense of the word. My digestion was working because my digestive system was working

, not because some pill had turned poo into water for the sake of getting rid of it. No, I didn’t want bodily waste backed up for days, but I didn’t want pee-butt either. That was just as awful. But giving my digestive system the balance it needed to do its job, now that is wellness.

Alternative Healing, Acupuncture, Endometriosis

… {{the chapter concludes}}…

Christine was the first practitioner who fully listened, heard my struggle, and understood me on all levels. This trust was important. She helped me shift value back to me. Before, I had given the highest value to doctors’ opinions. And when I would describe pain

, I always wanted them to tell me why it hurt. When doctors stopped having answers, I stopped placing value on describing pain. Now, my voice was making a difference. Now, describing pain came from a place of authority and power. “This is how it feels for me” is a statement, not a question; a goal, not a problem to be fixed. With Christine, I had a partner. And I finally realized that if my gut tells me a practitioner doesn’t get me, get out. There are plenty of people in the world ready and willing to help in a way that makes sense and works for you. How empowering!

If you are interested in reading more about my journey to find healing after 17 years of chronic pain and endometriosis, you can {purchase the book here}


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