As I was working through naming this blog, and getting my head wrapped around what the focus and topics would be, I journaled quite a bit.  I journal to get ideas out of my head, and to capture fleeting thoughts.  As I was thinking about my journey to wellness one day, I wrote “Love. Heal. Celebrate.”  Sometimes I’ll write ideas down and eventually they go away, but “Love. Heal. Celebrate.” stuck. I’ve learned that for me, writing an idea is one thing, speaking an idea is a whole other level. So, I started telling friends, family, and business associates the idea of “Love. Heal. Celebrate.” It’s not always that I’m seeking advice or opinions (although I’m open to hearing what those around me had to say) it’s that I need the experience of saying it out loud.  Do the words come out of the question or a statement? Do I sound confident? Do I feel confident?

As I spoke the words “Rewired Life, a journey to love, heal, and celebrate.” to my small group of women entrepreneurs, it felt great!  One of the ladies asked, “Does it have to be in that order? I think heal, love, celebrate flows much better.”  I thought for a second, and decided, yes it has to be Love. Heal. Celebrate. In that order. That is how the journey went for me.  Love has a couple of interpretations. First, to love and accept myself as a woman. And, also as a thank you to those who love me.  For those who watched me struggle, put up with my craziness, and gave me unconditional love and support…Thank You!  Only after I was able to release anger and resentment of the disease and replace it with love was I able to begin healing.  And now that healing is behind me, I get to celebrate life.

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Love. Heal. Celebrate.



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