How do you begin to talk about something that has changed your life?  Kinesiology literally changed the way I think about myself, how I see the world, and how I deal with my health and wellbeing.

First, the fundamentals. I follow Louise Hay and her teachings on the connection between body and mind, as well as whole body wellness in our bodies, minds, and spirits. I believe our bodies are the message board to our soul, and if we just listen, we can live a life aligned with our purpose.


Sounds really awesome! And, at the same time, a huge overwhelming goal. Late 2008 I was introduced to Kinesiology as a way to reconnect to my body and spirit. (Here is an earlier post on how this came about – Energy Work Begins) In the beginning, I used kinesiology techniques to help identify and release negative thoughts and beliefs I’ve collected, both consciously and subconsciously, over the years. Now, I use Kinesiology as a way to check in with my body and make sure I am on the right path.

I believe in following positive energy, and the more I trust intuition – following my gut, following my heart – the easier it is to recognize.  Through Kinesiology I’ve learned to quite noise from outside influences and listen to what is most important to me, making the best decision for me.

I believe my body has a lot to say, and as I’ve learned to listen, I’ve felt my body relax and wellness became a true priority.



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