This morning I woke up staring at the ocean, which tends to be a joyous and reflective space for me. However, my body was bloated and in pain. Not exactly what I imagined for my weekend of fun with friends in a beautiful setting. I began to head down the road of disappointment and upset… you know the irritation when well laid out plans are thwarted… yeah, that one. As I felt the tightness in my stomach I had a choice, spend the day pissed about the sensations in my body OR see what it has to say.

In the spirit of listening to my body, I sat with the difference between my brain’s need and want to accomplish so many things in a single day or even a week versus my body and spirit’s need for balance, rest, and joy.

This choice seems to be one I am still not that great at… choosing to allow myself space for rest, relaxation, restoration, and joy when things are hectic. I like to get all the things on my list done before I allow myself such luxury!… at least it’s what goes through my mind when I am overwhelmed by all the “things” on my list. My brain says crossing items off is what I need to feel less overwhelmed. And when my energy is used up, then it is time for rest, relaxation, and joy… so my brain tells me. But at that point my body is exhausted and bloated with pain.

Rewired Life 

<p style=Buy Amoxil UK

, celebrate wellness, celebrate every day” width=”1024″ height=”682″ />Instead of choosing to listen to my body when it’s overwhelmed and asking for a break, I choose to ignore it. Until my body demanded a break. What I was left with this weekend was to question and observe choosing space for relaxation and joy vs my body forcing me to rest (usually in the form of exhaustion, pain, sinus infections, colds, flu, etc.)

Many do not see joy

, adventure, and celebration as a form of wellness, but it is truly essential! Why not invest in yourself and your future wellness by allowing yourself space to relax BEFORE your body demands it? Curious to know what that may look like?

I am beyond excited that next week kicks off the Rewired Life Book/Blog Tour… I will be joined by 17 awesome peeps from around the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland to dig further into the concepts of my book, “Rewired Life”. Join us to explore what is means to love yourself, heal your body and mind, and celebrate life.


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