In the last month, I have been conducting interviews with my past practitioners to gain insight for the book I am writing. And as I compare and contrast my experiences, I began to notice how different practices made me feel as a patient and as a person.  Some of my reaction has to do with the training practitioners receive in there different fields and how they are taught to approach disease and sickness. Some of my reaction has to do with what each practitioner believes as a person and how they generally interact with other human beings.

I found myself reacting very severely to the label of Endometriosis. And I felt labeled most often by those working in the realm of conventional medicine.

Western medicine utilizes a reductive diagnosis process. Meaning, they will reduce problems down to one specific diagnosis. Which makes perfect sense to get to the bottom of the issue, to think “When I figure out what is wrong with me, we can start fixing it.” Except, for me, it feels like being shoved in a cage and locking the door.

You are Endometriosis. You have pelvic, abdominal, and lower back pain. You have imbalanced hormones. You will battle depression. You will have trouble getting pregnant. This what I was told at 14.

Endometriosis, hormone imbalance, depression, children

Yes, endometriosis cells were found. But the label of endometriosis and all the other labels felt like being handed a death sentence. At 14, I believed what I was told; you will have a life of pain, hormonal issues, depression, and by the way, good luck having children.

Dealing with conventional medical practitioners I felt like they would read my chart and run the endometriosis script. Laporoscopy, Lupron, pain pills. That will buy you a few years, and we will do it all over again. In the meantime, here are some hormones and mood stabilizers to keep you sane.

With holistic practitioners, I felt they considered the endometriosis as only a part of my diagnosis and treatment, but really listened to me. I didn’t feel like a label. I felt like a person who would really like the pain to go away. A person who would love it if I weren’t in bed for 2 weeks out of the month. A person who wasn’t irritable and cranky. Who wasn’t yearning for a nap the moment I woke up.

A person who has a voice and feelings and just wants to feel understood.

I now have a team of people who treat the whole me.

I can’t encourage you enough to surround yourself with a team that truly listens to you. Do not settle for practitioners that only treat the disease. You are a person and deserve to be treated like the unique human being that you are.

I am proud to say, that after 17 years of living the label of Endometriosis, I found a team of alternative medical practitioners whom I love, and who helped me get my life back. I am no longer in pain, my hormones are balanced, and depression is a distant memory. I am living a life AFTER endometriosis. I continue to share my thoughts and path to wellness because I want there to be positive information available.



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