This week I decided to interview my acupuncturist, Christine Nguyen from Transformation Healing Arts, and chat about how acupuncture helps women with endometriosis.

I began seeing Christine at the height of pain in 2008, she played an integral role in my healing

, and I continue to see her today as a part of regular maintenance for my sensitive body.

The questions and comments I get the most from women about my acupuncture experience are; What exactly will acupuncture do for me? How does that work with what my doctor is already prescribing? And How does acupuncture treat endometriosis?

What will acupuncture do for me? Essentially acupuncture corrects internal imbalances. What this means for a woman with endometriosis (or anyone really) is that acupuncture helps balance Qi (your life energy, pronounced chi) bringing the body back to its natural state of health. For women with endometriosis this could mean bringing hormones back to balance, allowing sluggish organs to regain strength, giving relief to ongoing physical pain, or helping digestion return to normal. What acupuncture really does is returns the body to working the way it was designed by getting rid of stuckness, stagnation, or toxins getting in the way. It is not a quick process, but it is real.

How does acupuncture fit in with the rest of my treatments? View acupuncture as a compliment to what you are already doing. Your acupuncturist’s job is to tune in to your body, discovering where Qi is stuck or stagnant. The process of getting Qi flowing again and helping move toxins, allows the body to restore health. Acupuncture is a very different process than what the medical community provides, and assists in healing your body from a new angle. Adding acupuncture to your health regimen is a great benefit!

How does acupuncture treat endometriosis? Acupuncture treats the whole body. No matter your medical diagnosis, your Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist looks at where Qi is imbalanced. Every woman is different, and every woman’s experience with the disease is different. There is no standard procedure for treatment, which makes the experience very flexible and personalized. For me, it felt like for the first time, I had a partner in my journey to health; someone listened to ME and treated me like a person, not a disease.

Christine Nguyen, Acupuncture, Transformational Healing ArtsAbout Christine. Christine Nguyen is the owner and acupuncturist at Transformational Healing Arts in Denver, Colorado. She earned her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is certified as a Diplomate of Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Christine also incorporates cranial sacral therapy and visceral manipulation therapy into her practice.

You can learn more about Christine on her website

Christine has seen me at the height of pain, disease, and emotional trauma. Her ability to treat my whole being allowed me to move though pain and find wellness. Today I am pain and symptom free of endometriosis and I owe much of the transformation to Christine.

—–> Stay tuned as next week I will be sharing a snippet from my book

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, “Rewired Life; a journey to untangle chronic pain and endometriosis.” about my experience with acupuncture.



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