During the last five years of my holistic journey to wellness, I have read and participated in many self-help, motivational, inspirational types of books and activities. One of the things I have held onto and taken with me as I’ve developed and healed as a person is to celebrate wellness. I used to say “When I am better” we will go on a nice vacation, ect, ect. However, recovering and healing from a chronic illness is a long road. Noticing small improvements is very important.

Celebrate Small Victories!

We used to have little celebration dinners for any little reason, just to help me see progress. For example, if I made it through a period without severe PMS emotions, and verbally unloading on my husband, we would celebrate. That’s a success for sure! Or if I made it through a cycle without a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day. You don’t always need a big party to celebrate, sometimes it is nice to hear from those around you that they notice you are doing better…and maybe follow it with a big hug. xoxo

Not too long ago, I was at home with my family in Nebraska and my mom noticed I had feminine products in the bathroom. She says, I didn’t know you had your period. And I’m thinking… uhhhmmm… didn’t know I was supposed to announce it to the world…?? And she tells me everyone usually knew if I had my period, first because they could see I was in pain, but second because I was SO CRANKY! It took me a bit to process. But I was glad to hear I was back to NORMAL! This is how normal women feel and act during their period. And it made me smile.


What does celebrating look like for you? What little things bring you little bits of happiness? Who in your life do you need to ask to help you notice when you are doing well?

This picture of my little nephew says it all

, as he giggles with joy after steeling frosting off his birthday cake before Mommy says it OK.

His little face brings me much happiness. This week I was able to take some time away from running my two businesses, and fly home to spend time spoiling Henry. I take my job as Auntie, Audie-Shell…two year old speak for Audrey Michel, very seriously!



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