Empowerment: That cannot be my only answer.


I have been dealing with endometriosis for over 10 years, had 2 surgeries, been to multiple doctors, put on tons of different medications, given tons of shots & had countless tests done on me. After my second surgery, my doctor told me that he will give me these shots twice a month that will stop my period to see if that helps with my pains. No other options. My immediate response was “Ok”. I mean he’s the doctor, right? I woke up the next morning and thought that cannot be my only answer and as a Holistic Health Coach I made the decision I was going to allow my body to naturally recover and I would find a way to heal myself. Once I started really looking into how I was going to do this, I realized how much food played a huge role in my daily pains. I immediately removed red meat, dairy, soy, eggs, chocolate, all refined sugars and wheat from my diet. Within 2 months I felt and physically saw a difference. Endometriosis causes extreme bloating to the point where I would actually look 6 months pregnant. Once I changed how I ate the bloating was COMPLETELY eliminated. My stomach was instantly flat! Something that I’ve never had. Everyone around me didn’t understand why I gave up so many things. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy because I’m a very social person and love going out. But I knew what I was doing was the right thing for myself and my body. People are going to have their opinions regardless of what I do. I couldn’t take anyone else’s opinion to heart besides my own.


After a few months of changing how I ate, my pains were nowhere near what they used to be, bloating was eliminated and was able to fly through my workouts (I’m a huge fitness junkie). I started playing around with new recipes, vegetables and ingredients I never heard of. Fruits actually started to taste like candy. My body craves all natural whole foods.


I have only been physically active the past 4 years. I was never that person who liked to workout or watch what I ate. I ate for the enjoyment and the social aspects. Not for health or ethical reasons. Once I started working out, I saw my body changing and just kept pushing. I even almost cried (ok, I did cry!) at a bar watching football with a bunch of friends when everyone was drinking beer, eating nachos and other typical bar food. It hit me in that moment that my life was forever changed. I was not going to be that girl drinking beer and eating nachos watching football. It was emotionally hard when you have that connection to food. Today I am not that girl I used to be. I am Health and Fitness Instructor! I workout almost every day and have full control over my endometriosis pains. And this past football season I’m not crying! But I am that girl who now brings veggies, homemade hummus, corn chips and drinks water.

End with Empowerment, EndoSister Aubree Deimler, Peace with Endo, Rewired LifeToday I am pain free, I ran my first ever half marathon and am able to workout every day. I even have baby abs in the making! Changing what I put into my body has given me such freedom from pains that I had to deal with for years. This one change in my lifestyle altered my entire life.. Something that no doctor could ever do for me. I am such a believer that food can change lives! I am living proof that you can control a disease through what you put into your mouth.


Meredith Gersten


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