I remember while writing my book, my editor asked me a very powerful question… Are you writing because you have a story to tell, or a message to spread? I, of course, tried to say both, but she wasn’t having it. I thought for awhile, and decided that while I have a story to tell and weight to get off my chest, my real purpose with the book is to share a message of empowerment. To Empower Women to Heal by teaching and inspiring them to Love Yourself

, Heal Your Body and Mind, and Celebrate Life.

Rewired Life, empowering women to heal, love yourself, heal your body and mind, celebrate lifeNow that the book is alive in the world, I understand her question. A story is contained within a book. A message is a movement. And while the book is my story to overcome chronic pain and disease

, contained within those pages is a bigger message of how I transformed my mind, body, and spirit through unconditional self-love, self-care, and letting go of what I thought my life SHOULD be.

This movement is something I feel as I speak with women. There is this need to be connected to each other, and to ourselves. There is a NEED to be empowered and inspired to do the work to FIND that connection.

My work in this world is to empower women to discover their true selves…and not by following or copying what I did, but to give them tools to create their own path.

This week these tools for empowerment show up as the Rewired Life Blog Tour. I am excited to be collaborating with 17 amazing people from AROUND THE WORLD in digging deep into the meaning of Loving Yourself, Healing Your Body and Mind, and Celebrating Life.

JOIN US! {{Click here for more information}}


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