About a week ago I joined a handful of other EndoSisters in the 100 Happy Days Challenge. <<learn more here>> I’ve been a part of plenty of “photo-a-day” projects before, and it usually fizzles out. But this one is different.

finding happiness and living with endometriosisA vital part of continuing to keep my body healthy is remaining positive. Somedays it is really easy, and other days it can be difficult. One of my favorite practices is a gratitude journal, and this 100 Happy Days Challenge is a visual gratitude journal for me.

Whether it is written or photography, finding even a shred of happiness and joy in each day is so very important. Training our minds to let stress and negativity move through us takes time, creating a practice of gratitude is a great first step. I love looking back at my Instagram account and Gratitude Journal to see what I found fun from one day to the next.

If you’re ready to find happiness, to let go of overwhelm…  join me for my upcoming class on Stress and Negativity. At the beginning of June, I will be teaching the course – Get Off the Negativity Train – 10 Steps to Let Go of Stress and Negativity, and Move Towards a Positive Life.

Join Me! Sign Up, and get started towards a positive life.




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