Whether you were just diagnosed, or have been living with endometriosis for years, I believe there is a gap between how the medical community treats endometriosis and how you experience the disease. Together we can break the cycle of endometriosis. After doctors take care of the functionality of endometriosis, you go home, and might realize you are tired of being tired, or feel isolated because no one understands, or maybe you feel stuck and are ready for a change. Whatever it is, I work with women with endometriosis to discover your path to wellness. Every woman is different, every journey to wellness is different. Together we can find your voice, and find your unique path to wellness.

Let’s Work Together!

There are several ways for us to work together, from free educational tools, to classes, workshops, and even personal coaching. No matter your level of commitment or budget, we can begin your path of reducing stress and overwhelm caused by endometriosis.

Self-Care Tuesdays – every Tuesday morning get fun tips delivered to your inbox. From self-care tools, to stress reduction tips, and even fun ways to alter your daily routine, Self-Care Tuesdays are a great way to get started and learn more about how I work. Get started right over here!!! ——>>

Love Yourself Affirmations – FREE! 30 Days of Loving Affirmations sent to your inbox. Wake up every morning for the next month to positive statements, and a mantra for your day.
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7 Day Discovery Challenge – Do you ever feel stuck, irritated, anxious, or just plain pissed about having to deal with endometriosis? The 7 Day Discovery Challenge helps you dig in, and get unstuck. <<I want to do this!!>>

Love. Heal. Celebrate. mini course – This 3 week course guides you through a journey to Love Yourself, Heal Your Body and Mind, and Celebrate Life. This is an online mini-version of the course Your Journey to Love. Heal. Celebrate. The mini-course allows you to go at your own pace. It is a great option for anyone who thinks 12 weeks is too long, or if the full-interactive course does not fit into your budget right now. <<Learn More>>

Your Journey to Love. Heal. Celebrate. – A 12 week intensive online workshop with group interaction and group coaching with Audrey Michel allows you to break the emotional cycle of endometriosis. If overwhelm, anxiety, fear, and anger have crept into your life and you are ready to get rid of it…this workshop is for you! <<Keep Reading>>

Personal Coaching – Let’s do this! If you are past dipping your toe in the world of working with Audrey Michel, and ready to change your life… Let’s do this! Personal coaching is for those who know they are ready for a change in direction, but don’t know where to start. <<Start Here>>