We have a lot of inner unlearning and relearning to do. – Tara Mohr. Playing Big


Much of my journey with healing has been about unlearning. Unlearning habits. Unlearning beliefs I picked up from the culture I was raised in. Unlearning patterns of listening to the negative thoughts that swirl through my mind. Unlearning what I thought it meant to be me. Unlearning was untangling the knotted ball of wires I called my nervous system.

Relearning meant embracing. Relearning meant filling my toolbox with tools I was never taught. Relearning meant doing mental and emotional work

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, even if it felt scary. Relearning meant facing fear. Relearning meant stopping the chaos, and turning to face my demons. Relearning meant stepping into uncharted territory. Relearning meant going against the grain, looking crazy, being crazy, embracing vulnerability, embracing emotions, feeling emotions, and feeling pain. Relearning meant loving the unlovable parts of myself. Relearning is rewiring; connecting to inner wisdom.

Spiritual Growth Coach Playing BigRelearning meant embracing me and embracing my story with chronic pain and endometriosis; the ups

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, the downs, the bumps, and the triumph. Relearning meant embracing and loving the sensitive body that I live in; for everything it is and everything it is not.

This process to unlearn, relearn, and to untangle and rewire, taught me listening to my body is adapting to my body. Doing what’s best for my body is not adapting my body to what my conditioning, imprinting, or outside influences thought was best for me. Learning my body’s triggers and honoring its needs meant loving myself. I continually check-in with myself and my body, course-correcting and redefine what is best for my life.

Playing Big for me is listening to my sensitive body, and sharing my journey to overcome chronic pain and endometriosis. Playing Big for me is being a writer, a speaker, a growth coach, and empowering women to heal.


Are you ready to unlearn patterns that no longer serve you? Let’s talk! 



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