I haven’t blogged in FOREVER! Honestly I’ve been in a state of overwhelm since last fall. Around July Aaron and I chose to add a puppy to our FURfamily which sparked a series of events that took over the next few months of my life.  You know…when you get a puppy, living in a 1000sqft condo with no yard isn’t ideal. So we decided after 11 years in our 2 bedroom 1bathroom condo, it was time to move on.

What started as a simple search for a yard, became a search for a layout that would support our growing family and my coaching business.

Over the last year my business has changed quite a bit. When I started Rewired Life it was about blogging  to share my story. And after the book launched, things have shifted. Sharing my story has grown into teaching the path I took to heal

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, and coaching women to overcome their own obstacles. And I love it!

I see clients out of my home office. So when the house search began, all the sudden I had an opportunity to create a cozy and private space. In the condo, the office was beautiful, but my clients had to come all the way through the house…which meant I needed keep the whole house clean. Including the one and only bathroom. In the new house I am so excited, my office is right off the front door, and has its own little powder room. Beautiful light floods the room, and I am surrounded by all my journals, favorite books, and crystals.

My office is the center of my creative life. The transition from the condo to the new house was tough for me. Pretty much until I had the office feeling the way I wanted, I was unable to produce anything or feel aligned in my work. After moving in all the furniture I fussed about for days moving things, rearranging over and over. And when my favorite things weren’t working together, I went crazy, and then I went shopping. I’d go to West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, etc and buy hundreds of dollars worth of pillows and curtains, only to bring it home and return 90% of it. And I did this over and over. I was obsessed with getting my office just right. I knew in my heart for me to do my work well

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, be it coaching or writing, my physical world had to reflect my inner peace, creativity, and love of beauty. So my search for the perfect pillow and throw blanket continued.

Then, when my parents came a few months after moving to install the custom cabinets my Dad made, I had a major breakdown. While the cabinets and shelves Dad made were the final piece to the organizational puzzle, we had to dismantle the office to install everything. And OH MY did my body not approve. I started getting jittery, which for me is an early sign of an anxiety attack, and then started crying. I worked so hard to get the physical space of my office just right, and although I knew that cabinets were the icing on top, the process to getting there was really upsetting me. I asked Dad to take a break from all the hammering and banging around so I could clean up a bit. I explained to him that my office was a sacred space to me, and although I knew the mess and noise was a part of the install process, I needed a minute to let the chaotic energy settle down. He totally understood, and took a break. I meditated, and decided that at the completion of the project I would need to sage the space.

Keeping energy in alignment is non-negotiable for me to do my work. I can’t write. I can’t teach. And I can’t hold space for others to heal without being in an energetically safe and supportive environment for both me and them.

Sharing your truth and releasing emotional energy is at the core of healing, and it is very vulnerable. Having a private and safe place to explore feelings and release energy is so important to me. I am excited to share the space with all of you! And for those of you who are not local clients, this is where I am while we talk on the phone…the energy is with you!

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