Lena Dunham, the creator of the HBO series, “Girls”, has been what everyone in the endometriosis community has been talking about the last few days. Since her announcement Monday to leave any press for her TV show’s upcoming season to the rest of the “Girls” team, social media has been blowing up!

Many news outlets have been reporting on endometriosis…which is great for awareness…and a bit disappointing to see misinformation and negative reactions. Endometriosis is a complicated disease. For someone who suffered for seventeen years with the disease, watching it reduced to “5 Facts about the disease” and three sentences describing symptoms is sad. And although we are trained to read articles in bit-sized-pieces…I think we’ve missed the point of what Lena is doing for her health and wellbeing. 

“I am currently going through a rough patch with the illness and my body (along with my amazing doctors) let me know, in no uncertain terms, that it’s time to rest,” Dunham wrote in an Instagram post.

I finally had to stop reading all the social media posts I was tagged in or that were shared with me. I could only read so many comments of “suck it up buttercup”, and “we all have to work, and so do you” before I closed my computer.

What are the messages are we sending each other, our children, and ourselves? Your health doesn’t matter? Taking care of yourself isn’t important? Really? I know that’s not what anybody reeeally means, but if it’s the first thing out of our mouth, it’s the first thing registering in our brain when something about our health ISN’T perfect. Is that what you want for yourself and your loved ones?

If we’ve been conditioned to believe that we must push through, carry on

, and get over it; we are essentially ignoring our body’s need for rest, recovery, or redirection. How many of us FIGHT against rest, recovery, or redirection hoping it’s not the ONLY OPTION LEFT? Let me tell you, it is incredibly difficult to shift expectations. It is incredibly difficult to honor your body when what your body wants goes against conventional thinking.

Listening to your body and honoring what it has to say has become my mission not only for myself

, but my mission to bring into the world. In my book, “Rewired Life; a journey to untangle chronic pain and endometriosis” I share my story towards living pain and symptom free of disease, and to ultimately find healing.

I am super excited to be joined by 17 other bloggers who will be digging deeper into the concepts within the book. These people are ultimately interested in sharing their stories and tools in shifting mindset and lifestyle to accommodate and promote healing and wellness. Beginning February 23rd, 17 bloggers from across the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland will be discussing how to love yourself, heal your body and mind, and celebrate life.

To learn more or to join us… CLICK HERE!

Audrey Michel. writer. speaker. spiritual growth coach.

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