Do you ever feel like the same issues and problems keeps popping up, over and over? Following you around? Things aren’t working out in one area of your life no matter how hard you try?

If you’re like me “trying”, really, meant doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. The definition of insanity, right? The crazy thing is I honestly thought I was trying “everything” from  “different angles”, but really I was too close to the issue to understand it wasn’t different at all.

You know how when people get SUPER into something, tiny idiosyncrasies become very important? For example, a wine connoisseur might find different vintage years of the same wine VERY different. But for someone who is cool with the happy hour house red isn’t going to notice the difference between Coppola’s 2009 or 2013 Cabernet. Sometimes when we are laser focused, minute details become very important, and we forget that either way, we are still talking about wine. Years ago when I was really struggling with chronic pain, I was using one drug or another, seeing one doctor or another in my attempt to “do anything” to make the pain go away.

What I wasn’t doing was taking a step back to see if wine was even for me. Maybe alcoholic drinks weren’t for me. Hell, maybe I wasn’t even thirsty. What if I needed to go for a bike ride? When you reframe it like this, doesn’t it seem so much clearer? For me, after 17 years of doctors, medications, etc., it was time to stop being a wino and time to be a cyclist. But what if you’ve never ridden a bike before? As my perspective shifted away from the Western medicine model and into an alternative path, I literally felt like I was standing at the top of a mountain being told it was time to learn to ride a bike. Like I was dumped in the middle of a foreign country and told to learn a new language and culture.

Looking back it seemed like the Universe continually to ask me, are you ready to learn this lesson? No? Okay. How about now? No? That’s fine. I’ll check back later.

Does this ever happen to you?

I use chronic pain and disease as an example often because it was the THING I carried around for almost 2 decades, but this idea can be applied to much of daily life. Relationships, money, work, or trying to change any habit really.

In my experience the Universe is quite patient. A loving presence that allows us our free will. But not my body. My body was YELLING at me to get back on course. The gremlins in my shadow manifested as pain. And it still does. Even though I’ve been pain and symptom free of disease since 2012

, there are days where I wake up in pain. But different

, because I know my body different. Years ago I would have numbed with the lasted pain pill, but now I know for me, discomfort is my body’s warning sign of misalignment. Now, at any hint of discomfort I ask myself if what I am doing or thinking is aligned with my Best and Highest Self.

For other women I work with shadow issues and misalignment show up in many different ways; from major physiological issues to feeling “off” everyone’s body has a unique way of communicating. What I do know, is much like a toddler, the longer our shadow issues are ignored, the louder and needier they get.

Here is the thing. The real bottom line issue is never the life situation. The lesson is never making the issue go away. In my situation, healing was never about making the pain go away. It’s not the new job, new man, or different city. Now, maybe it is time to get out of a relationship, but my point is until we learn the lesson that the relationship, job, or health issue is teaching us on a spiritual level, a new man, job, or pill isn’t going to make the longterm difference we are looking for.  Healing is being curious about what our inner self and inner wisdom has to say. I wasn’t listening to my best source of knowledge, and my body was pissed. My body created many issues that followed me around as a tool to alert me to misalignment. Many of these shadow issues are healed. Many still linger.

This is life’s work; to untangle the mess, to Rewire your Life, peeling back any layers getting in the way of us being our true aligned self.

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Audrey Michel. writer. speaker. spiritual growth coach.

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