What is the Emotional Body?

Our emotional body consists of all our emotions, feelings, passions, and desires. The way I explain the emotional body is that it is a copy of the physical body, again, containing our feelings and emotions. And like our physical body, when our emotional body is hurt or stressed, we feel it…but we feel it differently.

How do you hurt the emotional body?

Like an injury to our physical body causing pain and scarring, the same happens to the emotional body. But unlike a broken leg or a paper cut, emotional injury comes from how we process our daily experiences. And how we individually process our experiences depends on many things; from our upbringing, our culture, our personality traits, etc. Each of us respond to different situations differently.

Any negative thoughts, stress or trauma hurts the emotional body. Then, if these wounds go unhealed, they grow larger. If you think of a cut to the physical body that doesn’t heal because we’ve continually picked at the scab, you end up with a nasty infection and scar. The emotional body acts in the same way.

Unhealed negative experiences, continue to pop up. And will continue to pop up quicker and quicker

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, becoming more and more hurtful… and it just keeps spiraling. Without tools to heal our emotional body, smaller, irritating situations become increasingly painful.

What if these negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions get stuck in our emotional body? What if we don’t (or didn’t used to) have tools for letting negativity move through us?

When and if emotional body issues reach a breaking point they manifest as physical issues. So the big question becomes…

How do you heal the emotional body?

Healing the emotional body takes, first, recognizing that it is hurt. Then, it is a process of releasing the pain and upset, recognizing how your hurt inner child is running your adult life, and then realigning with your true authentic self.

Know that when it comes to the emotional body, you can’t go it alone. I know one thing for sure, as author Marshall Goldsmith says, “What got you here, won’t get you there.”  You don’t know what you don’t know. You need new tools. A new way of looking at things.

We all have unconscious ways of being and unrecognized patterns that dominate every interaction. These patterns are exactly what we need to shift. Shifting our thoughts and beliefs is where internal work takes place.

In surrendering the hurt, letting go of the fight against it, your body will tell you what is going on. One of the things that tends to show up is issues from childhood where our true self felt unheard or unseen. Usually where we felt obligated to fit into a mold


, to blend in, or to please our parents, teachers, etc.

As we made these “small” choices to be someone other than our authentic self, separation from true self begins. Separation from self is painful.

Re-joining with true self is healing.

Shifting thinking and recreating healthy patterns is the process I went through to heal, and now, the process I use to help my clients break patterns holding them back, realigning with their true self.

Through my own healing process, I discovered the gift I am supposed to share with the world… I can see where you are stuck and am able to connect the dots between what produced the pattern and how to release it. This creates a path for you to let go and move forward.

You walk away feeling lighter, like you are taking a step in the right direction.

This month on Rewired Life Radio, I am sharing space with some wonderful women, digging deeper into healing the emotional body.


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