I am a 17 year chronic pain survivor. I am currently living symptom free of endometriosis. During my teenage years and as I was becoming a woman I endured intense pain and crazy hormone treatments. I despised the idea that because I was a woman, I had to endure the intense pain and a horror movie of emotions during a monthly cycle. I lost my voice as a woman. I lost loving my body. I lost feeling beautiful. I lost loving and celebrating life in lieu of surviving.

My goal with this blog is to not only keep myself in the conversation of continuing to love, heal, and celebrate life, but also to help other women.  I want to increase the number of women who are listening to their bodies and honoring themselves.  I want more women to love and accept themselves.  And I want more women to view themselves as beautiful.  Your mother, your sister, your daughter, your best friend.  We all have our own struggles and emotional traumas, and if I can inspire one other woman to love and accept herself, and find the courage to become exactly who she wants to be, then my own pain, sweat, and tears will be worth it.  The hours I spend journaling for my own wellbeing, won’t just be for me.  I can only hope that my past 17 years inspire another woman to have the strength to stand up for herself and say, “I deserve my own happiness, health, and wellbeing. And I’m going to do what makes sense for me.

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