March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, and I am excited to host an event in support of EndoSisters across the country.

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women worldwide. I am one of them.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis at age 14 and spent the next 12 years in and out of doctors’ offices, surgeries, dealing with harsh hormone treatments, and living on pain pills, muscle relaxers

, hormones, and mood stabilizers.

For me, my endometriosis story starts where “my endometriosis” ends. My story starts the day of my fourth excision laporoscopy as my surgeon tells my husband and I he found no visible sign of endometriosis tissue. I was supposed to be elated; this was the day I’d always dreamed of! Except it wasn’t. I was in more pain than I’d ever experienced. My story starts the day my endometriosis specialists tells me, “There is nothing more I can do for you.”

My journey started the day I embraced my demons and said endometriosis is in my heart, it is in my head, it is in my spirit, and it is in every cell of my body. There may no longer be visible signs of the disease, but the disease took over my whole body and my whole being. Endometriosis hurt me, endometriosis hurt every cell in my body.

Living with the disease disconnected me away from me. I didn’t love me. I didn’t love my body. For the next 5 years I worked on myself from the inside out. I worked to reconnect, to rediscover, and to redefine myself. Now I know my endometriosis story has power. The power in my story starts where the doctors left off, where I discover me and embrace me. I now know my passion is to help women discover where her story starts, and where her power lies.

On Sunday morning following the Worldwide March for Endometriosis in Washington D.C. I will be hosting ENDo with Empowerment. The powerful event facilitates connection on a deeper level for those attending the march. Leaders in the endometriosis community will speak about symptom management and remaining true to yourself while dealing with a painful chronic illness. The event provides each woman with ways to leave Washington D.C. feeling empowered.

I believe in the power of women connecting with women. I believe in the power of sharing experiences. ENDo with Empowerment will provide women a safe place to take the amazing energy of the Worldwide March for Endometriosis and build on it. To share

, connect, and be further empowered as they leave Washington D.C., returning home with powerful experiences to grow from.

>>> Click here for more information or to attend the event!

Do you know someone attending the Washington D.C. Worldwide March for Endometriosis? Tell them about this event! We want to touch as many EndoSister lives as possible!

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