EndometriosisSugarOn of the best decisions I made for my health was to eliminate sugar from my diet.  Eliminating sugar started years ago as a cleanse, and then became a natural part of my diet. As years went on, restrictions loosened a bit, but overall eating sugar is not a part of my day. I haven’t had soft drinks in years, I won’t eat candy (although you can talk me into one those Reese Egg things around Easter), and I will not eat ice cream. I’ve tried a couple of times to have a taster sized bite of my husband’s ice cream cone, and literally a tiny baby spoon sized bite makes me sick.

Where I struggle the most to stay away from sugar is during social celebrations. Birthdays, weddings, bridal or baby showers, or any other celebratory get-together. We Americans love sugary goodness! I struggle because I don’t always have control over what is being served, and let’s be honest, those cute bite sized beautifully displayed macaroons look SOOOOO good. And before my right hand can slap my left, I’ve eaten too many sugar and jelly devils!

DANGIT! Let the countdown begin. Thanks to a moment of weakness combined with wanting to join in the fun, I await sugar-coma. It takes all of 20 minutes for stomach ache and headache to set in, followed by overall fatigue and a general feeling of ickyness.  The rest of my afternoon is spent lounging and recovering.

I write this for two reasons. One, to verbally and publicly tell myself, “You know better!”.  And two, to acknowledge that everyone falls off the wagon. The important part is to get back on. Honestly, my lovely ladies luncheon of perfect scones and sweet treats gave me the reminder I needed. I quit sugar for a reason. Coming home, feeling like crap, and needing to take a nap is not how I want to treat my body.




ps. this is an interesting post from the New York Times about sugar and carbs.


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