If you follow my blog at all, I’m guessing you may have noticed over the last 15 months that I have changed the identity of what I am up to several times. From simply blogging about my story with endometriosis, to OMG I’m going to write a book, to wellness coaching, and endometriosis advocacy. I have struggled to put into words just what the hell I want my brand to be and how I want to show up in the world.

Two weeks ago, actually what feels like a lifetime ago, I attended at blogging conference in Texas called Blog Elevated. On the first night, of course, there was an opening reception and networking cocktail party. It was a great opportunity to try out my tagline of Love Yourself, Heal Your Body and Mind, and Celebrate Life. The first person I said it to just looked at me, like…huh. Not like, huh?…interesting, let’s talk about this more. Just huh… The first particular person was a guy, so I gave myself a free pass since working with women is more my style. The next person I spoke to was indeed a woman, and I repeated what it is I do. And again, it landed like a ton of bricks and sparked no emotion, and no continued conversation. Not cool.

Blog Elevated, Wellness Blogger, Endometriosis Blogger, Women's Issues, Women's Health, Audrey MichelI high-tailed it over to my friend Christine, one of two other people I knew at the conference and a business coach, and told her my message was going over like a steaming turd. I gave her the rundown of what I was saying, the feeling I want to evoke, and what I felt was missing. She listened. And then said, “So, you empower women to heal.”

F#©K YA, I do!!

I spent the rest of Blog Elevated confidently introducing myself as a Wellness Blogger, Empowering Women to Heal. Which evoked emotion and interest for more discussion. Within further discussion I was able to talk about how I use my story and journey to overcome endometriosis to inspire and empower women to heal.

WHOOT! Thank you Christine!!

Let me tell you, it feels really good! Even better…I think The Universe agrees…things have been falling into place and making so much sense.



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