What does it mean to empower women to heal? This statement is what fuels my soul. As I’ve been sharing my story to overcome endometriosis, I’ve recieved feedback about how my story inspired other women to shift their life. However, sharing my story is one thing, facilitating growth and healing is a whole other animal. Standing for, and holding space for other women to growth means widening one’s perspective and bringing forth new possibility. The moment I had this “ah-ha” I decided two things; first, I needed to share the voices of other women who have overcome obstacles and are living an extraordinary life! And so, I’ve started Featured Inspiration Women guest posts every week! Make it your Friday morning ritual to not only see what these amazing women are up to, but what nugget they have to offer you in your ongoing journey of personal growth. Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you do not miss a beat! ——>>

Maintain your commitment to healing. Audrey Michel. spiritual growth coach

Second, I know changing your life for the better is not one giant ah-ha moment. It may start as such, but carrying through and MAINTAINING that commitment is where shit gets real. As much as I love writing about listening to my body and honoring my body, written words do not always do the experience justice. I will now be posting videos of what it looks like to live in a sensitive body, to interpret what my emotional body is saying, and to honor that communication. It’s not always sunshine and happy faces. I’m often confused and frustrated, but it’s what my life looks like. I think the process of discovering what my body has to say is equally as important to the conclusion. So

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, I’ve decided to share my raw, unscripted thoughts, my ups and downs, regardless of whether I’m in my PJs, without makeup, or sitting in line at Starbucks. I believe my sensitive body is powerful, and I am excited to share what that looks like!

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