I’ve been to many chiropractors throughout my life, utilizing their services for lower back pain, or headaches.  Most chiropractors I visited I would put in the category of “snap-crackle-pop” focusing mostly on joint and spinal manipulation. This theory worked for me in many aspects, but for endometriosis pain, I suggest looking for more progressive techniques.

In 2009, my husband started seeing Dr. Adam Thom of Thom Body Theory, and after seeing great improvements in his own body and health, really wanted me to go as well.  “He is different”, my husband explained, feeling strongly that his methods would be helpful.  Dr. Adam describes himself as a mixture between medical massage, trigger point release therapy, muscle rebuilding, and spinal manipulation. He believes the ilio psoas muscle is a contributing factor in a variety of ailments, including endometriosis pain. The psoas muscle is a deep muscle under the stomach and organs. It connects to the lumbar spine and head of the femur. The ilium refers to the upper, outside area of the largest pelvis bone. Basically the top and inside of your hip bone. The ilio psoas refers to a portion of the psoas muscle near the ilium. Think of pushing on the muscles in the space below the belly button and between hip bones.

If you have endometriosis, the thought probably makes you squirm. The area around the belly button, for me anyway, is super sensitive. I am learning that not only do I carry all my stress and anxiety in this area, the muscles are very tense as a result of endometriosis pain.

Endometriosis and Chiropractic

Consider for a moment, if when experiencing pain related to menstruation or ovulation, a portion of the pain is due to muscle tension. What if you could help your muscles relax with out taking another pill? If you could get rid of 25%, 50% of your pain, would you try it?

This question alone kept me returning to the chiropractor. Abnormal endometriosis tissue causes pain and dysfunction, and for me it lasted for years. However, it never crossed my mind  to question what else the chronic nature of the disease added to my problems. I’ve learned that as our organs experience pain and trauma, surrounding muscles tighten to protect the organs. Constant muscle tension creates immobility in the muscles and layers of scar tissue.  Scar tissue and immobility have a whole other layer of pain. So even through I was utilizing pain pills and hormones to deal with endometriosis pain, what was I doing to deal with muscles which no longer understand how to relax?

Chiropractic became one of the methods that helped my muscles return to balanced working/relaxing state. Easing muscle tension and fatigue, and therefore reducing pain levels during menstruation and ovulation.



I see Dr. Adam Thom of Thom Body Theory

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