The Endometriosis Community is doing an awareness compaign asking EndoSisters to discuss what three things they have learned or overcome because of endometriosis. I love it! Count me in!

I was nominated by the lovely Angela Hendrick, you can read more about her and her work with Empower to End Endo here.

1. Learning to listen to my body.

Best. Discovery. Ever. Our bodies have much to tell us. I now listen to heaviness, stuckness, and frustration within myself and know my body is communicating a need to course correct. I can feel lightness and joy and know that I am on the right path. Listening to my body has strengthened my intuition and connection to myself.

2. Finding spirituality.

What’s that? Would have been my question years ago before finding holistic healing and alternative medicine. I believe in a Higher Self and that the Universe is all knowing. There is a plan and a purpose for me, and through meditation and listening to my body, I am discovering exactly what I was meant to do! Because endometriosis took me to such a dark place, I was forced to find a way out. Discovering spirituality was the only thing bringing a sense of calm and joy to my life. At a time when nothing was joyous, I clung to anything that truly lessened the darkness.

3. Living the difference between heal vs. cure

There is no cure for endometriosis. It is really frustrating and difficult to be diagnosed with an incurable chronic disease. It feels like a death sentence. I spent 15 years with the medical community prescribing hormones, muscle relaxers, pain pills, and mood stabilizers to help ease discomfort and increase quality of life. It failed. Pills created a disconnect between my body, mind, and sprit. It wasn’t until I started utilizing holistic and alternative practitioners that I began to feel well and connected.  What began as a side-note to dealing with endometriosis and seeking out ways to better digestion, better posture, and balance hormones, ended with easing pain and symptoms of endometriosis. I now live pain and symptom free. By working to heal my mind and spirit, my body followed. Am I cured of endometriosis? Will it ever come back? I don’t know. What I do know is I’ve never been in a better place with my health, and my life has forever changed for the better. I am at peace and I am healed.

4. Discovering that being a writer and author fills me with joy.

I decided to add a bonus lesson! Why not. Because of endometriosis and my choice to share my journey, I have discovered a love of writing. Not technical writing by any means, but writing as a form of expression and connection. The writing process has taught me so much about myself and about living with endometriosis, I wouldn’t trade the ups and downs for anything. As my book nears the end, I am looking forward to being an author and speaker, sharing my story to overcome life’s curveball, inspiring women to get unstuck, motivating women to live the life they were meant to live, and spreading awareness of this nasty disease.



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